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The diddler's blog post. March 12, 2014

Even though I love my job as a librarian, my dream job would be to be a model for a medical illustrator who draws for gynecology textbooks.  In this next installment of what I think about as I am mastubating, I will describe the scene. . I'm at the medical illustrator's studio.  It is spacious, comfortable, and well-lit.  There is a gynecological exam table next to his workstation.  I'm naked from the waist down, feet in the stirrups...
Mar 12, 2014

The diddler's blog post. February 5, 2014

I'm going to take a break from writing about my masturbation practices for a while to write about my masturbatory fantasies.  These thoughts that come to mind when I'm masturbating usually have something to do with being watched while I'm doing it.  These fantasies of having people witness and enjoy my masturbation are very arousing for me.  Let me know if you would like to read more of these. . A good but simple one is the standard mutua...
Feb 05, 2014

The diddler's blog post. February 1, 2014

As all of you who are familiar with my profile know, foreplay is essential when I masturbate.  I don't skimp on the foreplay when I'm with my boyfriend, so I don't skimp when I'm with myself.  I've recorded videos of some of my tried-and-true standard foreplay strokes, but there are many more.  Sometimes, I'll have a session where my foreplay consists of these proven "regulars," and at other times, I'll spend some time exploring and d...
Feb 01, 2014

The diddler's blog post. December 20, 2013

There may be people out there who think I have a masturbation addiction.  It's true that I masturbate a lot.  Although it's hard to estimate how my frequency and total time spent masturbating may stack up against the general population, I think I'm well within the top 5%.  When I was a teen (and even a bit before) and in my early twenties, twice a day clitoral fingerings were fairly common.  Once daily was a minimal standard of sorts.  Three times in...
Dec 20, 2013

The diddler's blog post. December 17, 2013

Every now and then, I have "the big one," the orgasm that is so much stronger than what I normally have that it threatens to annilate me.  I feel it coming with only a few seconds' worth of warning, and I fear it as much as I desire it.  It's one of those that is just as painful as it is pleasurable.  When it signals to me its upcoming presence, I have only a moment to decide how I will have it. . I can let go passively and allow th...
Dec 17, 2013

The diddler's blog post. October 20, 2013

My boyfriend likes to talk about my "diddle face," that look on my face when I'm masturbating.  I've seen it myself during those times when I pull my armchair to my full-length mirror to get the full-body view.  Most of the time, when it's a mirror kind of day, I use the small make-up mirror for the gynecological view.  You've seen me doing it in a video.  I like it.  However, once in a blue moon, I want some variety and set up for a fu...
Oct 20, 2013

The diddler's blog post. August 19, 2013

If I have a philosophy of edging, I would say that to edge is to value the journey more than the destination. . Even though I began to edge in my early teens after reading about how doing it would produce a stronger orgasm (see July 3, 2012 blog), as I grew older and became a more experienced masturbator, the orgasm became less the point for me.  This is not to say that I don't value the "payoff" that always comes after a good edge.  Don'...
Aug 19, 2013

The diddler's blog post. August 7, 2013

I'm hoping to keep up my new goal of blogging more frequently.  I'm not sure how many people are visiting this section, but if you want more frequent entries, please let me know. . In my previous post, I wrote about how directly touching my vulva with my fingers is an absolute must for me during masturbation.  No toys will ever get in the way of my being able to handle the sensations of soft, wet, fleshy, smooth, and stiff in the varied terrain of...
Aug 07, 2013

The diddler's blog post. August 3, 2013

Many of you have asked why I choose to go toy-free when I masturbate.  For me, it's a matter of simple preference.  The toys I've tried just don't provide me with anywhere near the amount of pleasure I can give myself with my fingers.  I have tried a heavy-duty Hitachi-type toy, and I can have oragsms with those, but it feels like my body is just mechanically responding to something.  It's the same thing with those bullet vibes.  I've also tr...
Aug 03, 2013

The diddler's blog post. June 22, 2013

There are people who just happen to masturbate, and then there are masturbators.  I'm a masturbator.  The difference between the two depends on whether someone masturbates out of a lack of having an available partner at the time or whether that someone prefers the act of masturbation above anything else.  As anyone who is familiar with my profile can tell you, I prefer masturbation. . I have a boyfriend, and he understands that I would rather hav...
Jun 22, 2013

The diddler's blog post. May 14, 2013

Yesterday, I spent the entire time between when I got home from work and when I fell a***** devoted to my sexual gratification.  I started out in the late afternoon by watching porn (female masturbation, of course!) with my laptop in bed and allowing my vaginal juices to flow freely as I indulged in the visual stimulation.  I took a short break to eat dinner and shower, and while in the shower I scooped out all of the arousal secretions from inside my vagina with my finger so ...
May 14, 2013

The diddler's blog post. April 27, 2013

I gave my first masturbation show when I was 18, and I was instantly hooked.  I knew right away that exhibitionistic masturbation would be a lifelong love of mine.  Previously, I had had explicit phone conversations with a high school boyfriend about how I pleasured myself, but I was too self-conscious to allow him to watch in person.  This experience with my first casual sexual encounter would eventually pave the way for what I've become today. . ...
Apr 27, 2013

The diddler's blog post. March 30, 2013

Masturbation is a form of self-care for me.  Just like exercising, eating right, and getting enough *****, it's something I do for myself to ensure my health and well being.  And just like those other things, I plan it.  I have a regular gym schedule.  I buy groceries in advance so I can cook healthy meals.  Why should it be any different when it comes to masturbation? . When I know that my sex drive is going to be even higher than norm...
Mar 30, 2013

The diddler's blog post. March 9, 2013

I go through phases of masturbatory technique and style preference.  I love that my years of practice have given me a whole range of ways to masturbate.  As you can see in my videos, there is nothing boring about being a fingers-only gal.  Sometimes, though, for reasons I can't explain, I'll find myself gravitating toward one way or another for a while. . I learned the clitoris fingering method of masturbation as a pre-teen from listening to ...
Mar 09, 2013

The diddler's blog post. November 19, 2012.

Since I've been blogging about edging, lately, I'll continue the topic.  Like I've said time and time again, I love to edge.   In my previous blog post, I wrote about techniques I use for prolonging my orgasm to ensure a bigger payoff in the end.  In this post, I'll write about what I do when I've made the decision to "let it rip" or "bring myself home," as I call it.   I have several techniques, what I call "release ...
Nov 19, 2012

The diddler's blog post. October 7, 2012.

I thought I'd write more about my development as an edger.  I gave some background in my July 3, 2012 post, but I got more experienced as time went on, and my edging skill really took off. . As I wrote in that earlier post, I began practicing using the stop-start technique.  In my early days of edging, I would take my fingers off my clitoris entirely while waiting for the about-to-orgasm sensation to fade.  Then I would start stimulating again. &...
Oct 07, 2012

The diddler's blog post. August 6, 2012

I got so much nice feedback from my blog post yesterday that I decided to write a follow up today, a sort of part 2 about my mirror use.  My teen years were spent exploring the masturbatory possibilities of the mirror.  The make up mirror I used had two sides, one regular and the other magnifying.  I discovered I could make my vulva look extra big with the magnifying side, and that was my preferred side to use while I stimulated myself. . A typical s...
Aug 06, 2012

The diddler's blog post. August 5, 2012

As I wrote in my last blog post, I learned many things about masturbation from reading books and magazines at my public library beginning when I was 13.  Even though I started masturbating long before that, my technique really improved at that time as I read everything I could get my hands on in that library.  Previously, I thought of masturbation as something just to "relieve the horniess."  After spending all that time at the library reading, I made it my goal...
Aug 05, 2012

The diddler's blog post. July 3, 2012

Like I said earlier, I'm a librarian, and I love my job.  Growing up, the library was an important place for me.  The summer that I entered my teen years, my parents moved us to a new house that was only a few blocks away from our city library.  Before this move, I had to get my mother to drive me to the library, but now I could walk there myself whenever I wanted.  There was an extensive sex section at this library.  Once I figured out where it was and wher...
Jul 03, 2012

The diddler's blog post. May 5, 2012

I'm going to write about being generously endowed.  From the time I was young, I have had inner labia that protruded past my outer labia.  I grew up feeling very self conscious about my anatomy because none of the other girls I knew were shaped like that.  I was on the swim team for years during my childhood, and during that time, I probably saw over a hundred girls dressing in locker rooms.  Not a single one looked like me.  They all had tiny, neat slits, w...
May 05, 2012




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