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Looking for feed back on my camming videos.

I upload split screen camming vids of myself and partners.  I'd love to get some coments on them, what you think of them, the music, the girls, whatever you want to say.  I just want to hear back.  68,000 views and not many comments.  I always try to comment if the video looks legit, and not an ad or porn clip.  All mine are real.
May 10, 2013

Looking for feed back on new camming video.

I have 5 of this type of video up varying in length from 6 min to 14 min.  I edit them using a format that fvors the woman I am camming with, I cut between showing her then me, her or both of us on a split screen. I add a song to fill in the silences. I'd like some feedback on the format and videos themselves.  This newest video I uploaded 2 days ago and it just finished converting.  I think there was a flood of vids because the conversion took m...
Apr 10, 2013

Check out my girls face 5:50 into the vid.   I love her reaction when she sees me bust my nut for her.  I'd love you to check my vids and comment.
Mar 18, 2013

Using xtube chat? I'm bored and haven't cum in days. Tell my your filthiest story.

I am horny and stuck here for two more hours.  I'd like to talk to someone.  I'd prefer a woman or TS woman.  But a guy who enjoys swapping tales of cocksmanship is cool too.
Mar 01, 2013

Check out my cam2cam vids and comment please. Always looking for new partners.

I'm a real user, my vids are of me.  I like to share cam vids, and show off on cam.  Check me out and feel free to talk to me.  I'm not into guys, but I'm open to talking to anyone, especially if you have a comment about my vids.
Feb 22, 2013

Looking to cam and have some fun.

I enjoy talking and sharing sex stories.  I love to play on skype, yahoo or Gchat.  If you're free, I'd love to talk sometime and share myself with you.
Feb 22, 2013

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