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HOLA I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some good videos that I might enjoy? I have gone through my favorites a couple of times, and am looking to expand. Would LUV 2 find some more great videos on this site THNX :)
Oct 21, 2011

I am a bicurious guy whose interested in exploring/experimenting with my sexuality. Where is a good place to meet people (men) in North Carolina? I am looking for a safe, non-judgmental, discreet environment...not a sketchy area! Open to suggestions :)
Aug 24, 2011

Wat is the world is going on with xtube videos? For the past couple of weeks I havent been able 2 watch a single video except for the ones ive already favorited. Xtube is a great site when its actually wrking but when its not, its really annoying. These issues with videos and site maintenance are becoming a little to common, every other week its sumthin. I hope they fix dis issue sooner, rather than later, im tired of sending tickets every couple of days. Just voicing my frustr...
Sep 09, 2010

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