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First off, sucks that XT's picture uploading system is disabled just when I decided to return from this "retirement" of sorts. Whatever. Anyway, been pretty horny lately and no clue why, because between the Mirena I have in me and the antidepressants I take..."what's an orgasm?" Literally. But, here I am anytime I'm alone and my mind wanders, I'll start touching myself. When I do that, I'll end up masturbating which hasn't been satisfying, so I just stick to writing little fantasies or record...
May 02, 2015

I keep looking all over this place and I can't seem to find enough videos where guys have big, fat bulges. I dunno what it is about them, but seeing a dude's fat, thick cock pressing against his shorts or briefs just make me so wet for some reason. I guess its the erotic aspect of not needing to see a cock outright that's the turn on. Oh, also when a guy sits down and you can see the outline of his balls through his jeans, it makes me want to rub my face in it until he gets up, unzips himself...
Aug 19, 2014

I don't feel the need to address haters on here because its not even worth breaking a sweat over people with nothing else to do..but I'm in a pissy mood, so someone's going to hear this *****  I say from 4th grade to maybe when I turned 30 (yeah, long-ass time) I didnt like the way I looked. There are times where I still don't every now and again but I come to find after listening to online vids from buddhist monks when it comes to jealously from and towards others ...
Dec 06, 2013

Just standing in front of my window with the blinds open, facing the opposite balcony and playing with my boobs. I'm not *that* bold, not yet. I have masturbated with the blinds open, my desk is right in view of the stairs; anyone who is on their way down or up can see me if they wanted.  :p
Mar 26, 2013

and porn, my reproductive rights and healthcare remain untouched. Go to Colorado to get your blaze on, or to Maine or Maryland to love and marry your boy/girlfriend in peace. Close race but we did it; sloppy beejs for those who went out and voted Obama back in office, bless ya!
Nov 07, 2012

I made a point of saying in my profile that one of my turn offs, before I rewrote my profile that sex should be enjoyable. When it gets to a point where it falls into harassment, threatening and psychological stress it should stop. When I was a little girl the most horrible thing that could happen to a ******happened to me and it forever altered my sense of sexual identity and enjoyment. I still wear the scars but I press on because I shouldnt let it stop my life. Although I dont let it...
Oct 18, 2012

I don't need any one asking me or requesting I do specific things for them in a vid; if I said in my profile, "hit me up and I'll do____ for you" you would've saw it already. ~Special orders do upset us.~ I like to do whatever I feel like and am comfortable with. I am my own director, producer, editor and leading actor.  I dont need your direction or assistance or even a co-star. When I did have "co-stars" it wasnt some stranger knucklehead- those we...
Jun 18, 2012

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