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Basically, for the past half year the computer I used to edit and post videos has not been working. I finally got it fixed and will be posting a video I filmed back in early June shortly. However, I have no idea how long I will be back because the computer is still not working correctly and I may need to get a new one. That costs money I don't necessarily have, so it might be another half year until I am able to get something new. (what I am using now is a netbook and I cannot edit videos on ...
Nov 17, 2015

I have to go on a *******hiatus for uploads. I am having issues with my main computer, which has the video editing software on it (I am currently using a net book). Don't have time to deal with it right now, plus going out of town in a week, so it may be a few weeks until I upload new videos and photos....and I have at least one waiting, likely one or 2 more by the end of the month. Also, keep an eye out for foot/sole shots! A fellow xtuber requested some foot shots, and I have taken a few al...
Jun 12, 2015

 Chubbylover69 over at xHamster has decided it is okay to post 2 of my videos from xTube without my consent.  Thanks to an awesome fellow xTube member, I was alerted to one video being posted and it was taken down promptly when I got a hold of xHamster.  The second is taking some time to be taken down.  I specifically do not allow other sites to embed any of my videos.  My content is for xTube and xTube only!  I do not allow embedding of my...
Feb 28, 2013

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