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Hello all!  This is a notification fo my recent and likely continued absence from this site.  It pretty much comes down to the fact that my libido has left me high and dry.  I just have no interest in sexual endeavors; looking at or making porn.  Thank you all for your support, hopefully my motor will start running again and I can get back to making sexy videos for our pleasure ;).
May 27, 2013

NO Posting on External Sites PLEASE READ: Content Disclaimer

 Chubbylover69 over at xHamster has decided it is okay to post 2 of my videos from xTube without my consent.  Thanks to an awesome fellow xTube member, I was alerted to one video being posted and it was taken down promptly when I got a hold of xHamster.  The second is taking some time to be taken down.  I specifically do not allow other sites to embed any of my videos.  My content is for xTube and xTube only!  I do not allow embedding of my...
Feb 28, 2013

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