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I"m looking for a couple of serious buddies to hook up with from time to time for fun.
Jan 30, 2010

Hello my people. I"m not going to bull*****you on what I"m looking for so pay attention. I looking for a person who know more than the average sexual being. My desire to have someone crawl into my arms as I slip deeper into themwhile I feel nails digging into my ass. I slowly push to find new ground... only to pull out and offer an ass soaked dick to your hungry mouth. We 69 till pre-cream slides sweetly outward creating a string back to the place of warmth and lust. I need a willing soul to ...
Dec 24, 2009

I recently had the chance to play with a glory hole. The level of my journey provided me with new insights into myself... insights I feared and dreamed of all too often. It happened out of the blue. Like most things that push my buttons this new path caused a stiff situation that needed attention. I happened to be walking along Long Beach California area when I heard someone moaning from an alleyway. The sounds of pleasure was so overwhelming I had see what was going on. I slowly walked to...
Nov 04, 2009

I woke up this morning with a normal hard-on I get since I was 10. Which made me recall an old girlfriend I was with that would ride me while I slept. You would think she had enough after hours of sex and numerous Cummings. But she liked it and found that my morning wood was just as firm as it was night before. I asked her why did she do that.. not to be whining like a bitch, cause she was hot.. but to know why. She grabbed the hanging boys and kissed my dickhead before saying "It&#...
Mar 04, 2008

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