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Jan 20, 2008

What to Do When he’s ‘Been Bad’…

What to Do When he’s ‘Been Bad’… “Have you been good?” I ask my slave boy. He nods. I know he’s lying. He still hasn’t learned what real submission means, but he will. I slap his face and then punch him once, not too hard, and order him to lie down on his stomach and prepare for his daily whipping. He does so eagerly, because he...
Jan 14, 2008

sex in the kitchen :)

Sex in the kitchen – get creative with utensils Hey every 1
Dec 27, 2007

heat things up in the Jacuzzi!

I Just loveeee the Jacuzzi. It makes me so wet
Dec 23, 2007

‘If the milk turns out to be sour, I aint’ the kind of pussy to drink it!’

Many claim to be able to do this, but I am skeptical.  How can you verify your girl is one these rare delights that genuinely squirts sweet cunt juice?  Short of getting medical proof, I have devised a test to evaluate the fluid or juice a woman shoots and am hoping like fuck she w...
Dec 18, 2007

‘Orgasm Q& A - Woman to woman tips on how to achieve climax’

How many orgasm types are there? There are 3 - the vaginal, the clitoral and the anal. women may not be able to achieve all but if you don’t know then you’ve not tried hard enough…to get them there.
Dec 10, 2007

Female masturbation – fingers or plastic?

Firstly, it is paramount to recognize the cunt as an entity within the female body and that it is susceptible to mood swings, climate changes and various levels of sensitivity. Once a mood has been clearly determined, the question of digital or device is easier to answer. Finger...
Dec 06, 2007

‘Squirting – where does the wonder-juice come from?’

 Find her clit with your middle finger. It jumps at your touch, and she reaches a hand up to your shoulder and clutches it fiercely – validation that you have found the right spot. Beneath the clit, her vagina is sopping with juicy anticipation; one finger slides in easily, and she arches up her torso to invite deeper penetration into the depths of her lips and labia.
Dec 02, 2007

Vibrators vs. dongs – which one is THE best bed-side friend?

Its getting too fucking cold out there so I find my self staying at home more than the usual… ( sadly or not I am alone) and god I am feeling horny J My favorite l...
Nov 28, 2007

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