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You can call me Mistress/Goddess Ashley.   And i want to own you.   Message me if you're interested.
Mar 02, 2014


I just got a twitter....FINALLY.   FOLLOW MEEEEE   @AshAttackx333
Sep 07, 2013

new pictures!!

you should give them a look (: i think they look good!!! :D
Jun 13, 2013

anyone in boston need an escort tonight???

May 17, 2013

myy video

i'm so i figured i'd share my video ;)
Jan 18, 2013

anyone in the giving spirit still?? :(
Dec 25, 2012

check out my video guyss! i finally got some action ;)   tell me what ya think! :D
Dec 11, 2012

new vid dudeee

i finally got a bit more of an 'x' rated video up of me getting fucked by a guy. check it outtt rate, comment, blah blah blah.   thanks<3
Dec 03, 2012

any girls in boston??

i'm just your normal cd looking for a girl to hook up withh. i also got some new pictures sooo you know what i look like and all. anyone interested inbox mee!
Oct 29, 2012

pics pics pics pics pics!

okay, that was annoying...well check out my pictures pleasee! (:
Oct 22, 2012

Heyy soo, basically..

lots of ppl have been wondering what my face looks like and i hung out with a guy yesterday and looked decent i guess, so i took some photos finally. i'd love for you all to check them out, comment and rate and whatever else. and feel free to message me if you think i look good :p   thanks everyone for the lovee, ashley <3
Oct 21, 2012


come to my profile page and check out my new pictures!!!
Oct 03, 2012


please give them a look!!! (:
Oct 01, 2012

sooo bored. someone talk to mee <3

haven't done one of these in a while! well i still wanna meet all you people so give me a message, friend request me and rate me! i'm not a perfect 5 anymore ): soo you guys should bring my rep back up! let's gooo!   <3 ashleyyy
Sep 20, 2012

horny crossdresser wants more friends (:

i wanna hook up with someone and make some videos. anyone up to it? i'm 19, 5'10", 140lbs. asian, been dressing for a while noww   someone message me or somethinggg. check out my video too (:   love you all, ashleyy
Jul 18, 2012


it's my first! check it out, comment, rate and all that jazz (:   i'm 19 and a crossdresser thaanks all <3 Ashley.
Jul 07, 2012

Pretty damn horny

ok, here's the lowdown. 19years old, asian, CD, tall. andd i'm hornyy. soo add me on skype (sexycd.ashley) or hit me up on here with a message or comment (and don't forget to rate me either) i wanna meet some new people! i've only been fucked once (albeit from two different people) but i'm looking for more! so hurryyy   ~ashley
Jun 24, 2012

Picsss! Check 'em out!

Once i hit a 1000 hits, then i'm gonna post a videoo! (: sooo hurry! cuz i'm horny..   ashleyy<3
Jun 14, 2012

hornyy and happy

19CD hurrr. soo it's been a week since i made an xtube and i couldn't be happier(: i've made some awesome new friends already and love all the messages and friend requests i 'm getting..buttt why sstop theree?! keep em cummmmin(; i wanna meet you all! lots of lovee, ashleyyy
Jun 12, 2012

new picssss!

i'm a 19yo cd andd put some pictures upp sooo please check them outt guysss <3   thanks soo much(: Ashley.
Jun 10, 2012




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