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Is it wrong of me to sniff a womans panties without her knowing. If a dirty pair of panties is on the floor of a friends bathroom while I'm using it is it wrong of me to pick them up and sniff her pussy smell off her gusset.If I am looking after a friends house while they are on holiday is it wrong of me to look through their panty drawer to see what type of sexy panties they wear or look through the washing basket to see if they have left an...
Sep 10, 2009

My neighbour was going on holiday for 2 weeks and asked me to feed her cat and look after her house for her. She is about 45 and called Helen, she is very good looking and has a body to die for. She also has a daughter called Gorgina who is 18 and also very good looking.While they where away I had to go and snoop through their panty drawers, you know its the thing to do. Helen had some very sexy thongs in her drawer, a pair of which i took to mak...
Aug 08, 2009

Hi there all I just want to tell you about my night last nightAs you can see from my profile I have got a bit of a fetish for used panties, I love to sniff them when I wank and love to cum on them tooLast night myself and my girlfriend went out on the town with her best friend (sarah) and her fella (paul).It was a fairly boozy affair, we did the rounds of the pubs and where all quite ******when we got back to my house.When we got in Paul was very ******and went straight to bed. I opened ...
Mar 28, 2009

My friend kept asking me to have a 3 some with her and her boyfriend, I finally gave in and it was great.We all went out for some drinks first and talked about all the stuff that turns us on. My friend said that she wanted to be DP'd by me and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said he wanted to try sucking cock I said he could suck mine as long as I got to fuck my friend (Kate) in the ass.By the time we got back to their place we were all pissed and very horny. Me and Matt sat...
Nov 09, 2008

A friend that I have fancied for ages has asked me to have a 3some with her and her boy friend. I have always wanted to fuck her she has a great body and I often think of her while I am wanking. The trouble is her boy friend has told her that we can have the 3some as long as he can suck my cock and taste my cum. I have never been into men and dont know what to do as I really want to fuck her. Any ideas!
Mar 27, 2008

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