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Penis envy...we all got it

Find it funny as shit...that it really doesnt matter how beautiful your cock is...for some reason we all find it flawed.  I remember back in the 7th grade while getting dressed after gym class..this friend of mine stood naked infront of me for the first time..he had some hair growing on his chest..not a lot but enough to make me take notice. Found my eyes slowly drifting down to his crotch...and what I saw seemed at the time to be the biggest penis Ive ever&nb...
May 18, 2012

it's an Xtube party

this invite goes out to all the tubers that are real..str8, bi,or gay..as long as ya posted a vid here on the tube..your are invited. The fun starts on 16th ave beach and moves to my house at 4pm for eat and drinks. The place: Belmar NJ. Bring your camcorders and cameras..'cause ya never know. Several top internet bloggers will be attending..so look good..lmfao. Hit me up for details. Come on tubbers...let's fuckin party! Mike
Aug 04, 2011

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