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edging in progress ;-)

It's been a while so I thought I'd treat myself to some edging - I last shot a load on Monday and started edging yesterday, hoping to hold it in until the weekend. Wish me luck! :-)
Jan 23, 2013

video suggestions?

Got some free time tomorrow and haven't cum for a couple of days so thought I might make a new video. Any suggestions? I'm looking at some brand new white football socks and my hot friend's old trainers at the moment. Or if anyone's near Liverpool and wants to join in..... ;-)
Jan 03, 2013

2 new videos for cum and foreskin fans

Uploaded two new videos last night, let me know what you think. Love reading your comments and messages, get in touch if you've got any suggestions or requests for future videos ;-) Part 1 - Part 2 -
Dec 18, 2012

New videos uploaded

Just added two new videos - part 1 is just stroking and part 2 is the cumshot. For the foreskin lovers ;-) Part 1 - Part 2 -
Dec 17, 2012

cumming soon...

Getting ready to shoot after 5 or 6 hours of edging. Haven't cum for 4 days so it should be a good one. Feels great already ;-) Any suggestions for a cumshot video?
Dec 17, 2012

Edging day!

Had a couple of hours already, working up to blowing this 4 day load. The question is, what should I cum on (or in)? Shorts, trackies, trainers, leather gloves? Any suggestions? Or even better, anyone in or near Liverpool want to join in? ;-)
Dec 17, 2012

3 days or 4?

Trying to decide if I should blow a 3 day load on Sunday or wait for 4 days worth on Monday... Any suggestions? ;-)
Dec 15, 2012

6 days edging - new videos uploaded

Just uploaded a few videos from last night - I missed the cumshot (came out of nowhere when I wasn't expecting it and couldn't get the camera in time) but if you're into trainers some of the cum landed on my friend's Nike Shox and there's a video and a few photos of that. There's a couple of other videos too while I was working up to cumming, one includes the first few dribbles that felt really good when I rubbed it into my dick. I'll have to try again for a ...
Dec 12, 2012

5 days edging - day 6!

Working my way towards shooting this 6 day load now - hard as a rock at the moment. Looks like there could be a couple of new videos tonight ;-)
Dec 11, 2012

5 days edging turns into 6...

Even though I woke up with a hard on and it's barely gone down all day, nothing's been doing it enough for me that I've really felt like cumming. There's still a bit of time before bed so you never know, but it's looking like it's going to end up being a slightly bigger load than expected ;-) And if it doesn't happen tomorrow, I'm busy for a couple of days so it might end up being a 9-day load on Friday. Or even 11, if I have to wait until Sunday...
Dec 10, 2012

5 days edging - today's the day ;-)

So it's been 5 full days since I last came on Wednesday night, edging every day since Thursday without shooting my load. Woke up horny as fuck this morning and filmed a quick video request for someone on here. Been hard as a rock for the last hour, wearing my hot friend's trainers and playing with my dick. Can't wait to head out and pick up some weed then have a major smoke and empty my balls this afternoon. Last call for anyone wanting to take my cum today!
Dec 10, 2012

5 days edging - nearly there!

After two failed attempts, Monday is day 5 so I've pretty much made it. Got a bag of weed in and I'm off work tomorrow, so I've got some quality "me time" to look forward to when I wake up in the morning. My hot friend left a pair of his trainers at my house tonight too. Hope he doesn't mind if I use them ;-)
Dec 09, 2012

5 days edging - day 4. Nearly there!

After failing on day 3 last week, I've made it to day 4 without cumming. I'm busy all day so won't have chance to ruin things this time! Looking forward to spending tomorrow edging all day and finally getting rid of all this cum. Had a couple of requests from people on here so I'm trying to decide whether to give the load to someone who wants to suck me off or maybe send it to a guy who wants me to cum in a condom for him. Anyone got any other ideas, or other suggestions...
Dec 09, 2012

looking to meet

n the offchance that anyone in Liverpool might be looking to meet up this weekend, get in touch. Can accom any time on Saturday, also late Sunday night and any time Monday or Tuesday. Well up for some sucking and fucking, both ways ;-)
Dec 07, 2012

5 days edging - third time lucky ;-)

After failing on day three recently, I was trying to hold out for 5 days again but met a lad yesterday who sucked me off (although he wouldn't be filmed, unfortunately) so now we're back to square one again. Luckily I'm busy for the next few days and won't have much chance to ruin it this time, so it's looking promising for Sunday night. Get in touch if you want to join me ;-)
Dec 05, 2012

5 days edging - failed :(

Got too stoned and horny last night and started to cum when I wasn't expecting it (end of day 3). Planned to save the rest and film a big cumshot tomorrow (day 5) but ended up finishing the job after I'd gone to bed last night. Didn't have the camera on me so completely failed to get any good spunky photos or videos :( Uploading a few videos from last night now, and planning to wait until Friday before I cum again. See if I can hold on this time...
Dec 03, 2012

Horny as fuck

But still trying to make it to Tuesday before I cum. Been so fucking hard tonight it's untrue. Dripping with precum and everything ;-)
Dec 02, 2012

5 days edging

Decided yesterday that I'm not going to cum until I get a full day off where I can spend the whole day "enjoying myself" and making a couple of new videos. Looks like that'll be Tuesday, so it'll be 5 days since I last came. I've been getting close when I've had some spare time over the last day or two, and probably will tomorrow and Monday as well, so by Tuesday I'll be ready to burst ;-) Anyone with video requests (or even wanting to help out when the...
Dec 01, 2012




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