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im sexy, im smart, funny, outgoing,.. I know I don"t have pics/vids up but I didn"t put up a pic for my own reasons (I'm VERY DISCREET because I plan on being famous one day) I don"t want to put myself out there like that, but trust and believe I"m sexy, but I"d leave that up to you if we were to meet ;). Not on here to be a hoe (no offense) but maybe I can have a little fun here and there though (nothing wrong with that).

Turn Ons

hood dudes are ALWAYS a turnon, sometimes nerdy guys, darkskin & medium brown skinned guys are my fav (yum) but I like light skin guys too (I"m light skin btw), nice size dicks (not TOO big, but just right. about 6.5 inches to 9 inches are good), abs (you don"t need to have em though, but they are a turnon), tall guys, nice eyes, nice lips, intelligence, spiritually and socially conscious guys, Confidence! Guys that can make me LAUGH! TOPS! but I like bottoms occasionally, being held, guys who aren"t overly aggressive but aggressive enough, looking in my eyes (I think that"s the biggest turn on of all). Doesn"t take much to turn me on as long as there"s an attraction there. As you can see I"m straight up, so if you"re real with me then that"s all I really require.

Turn Offs

bad breath, cheaters, fake people, crazy people, liars, cheaters, hoes, dick smaller than 6 inches (not that theres anything wrong with that, sorry) and guys who have bigass 11 inch dicks and shit (I"m sorry that is NOT GOING INSIDE OF ME! I"m not trying to die LOL), guys who don"t show emotion, obese guys (not that they dont need love too, just not my type, but a dude who may be a little thick/chubby is ok with me!). oh and I WILL NOT date SMOKERS!!! If you smoke weed once in a while that"s fine but NO CIGARETTES!!! I"d prefer if you don"t smoke at all though, I think it"s disgusting. I can get past a lot of flaws though, I am not shallow. Lord knows I"m not perfect so I don"t expect perfection


Porns, comedies, action films, adventure films


kissing, cuddling (yea I like to cuddle sometimes lol), listening to music (I listen to almost anything), video games once in a while, dancing, EATING! Cooking!


a little bit of everything!

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4 years ago

Appreciate the add man, hit me up anytime

xCHOCOLATEx - Male , 25

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