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Love to piss warm fountains!


Sorta new here, and can"t wait to get started. I"m tall, blonde, with big Ta-Ta"s that love to be wet and sucked. But more than that, I love to piss my pussy-fountain every chance I can, everywhere I can... so much so, you will usually find me in diapers! But that"s just more warm wet fun!!!

This is a picture that a former boyfriend drew of me. For professional reasons, I probably won"t post actual pictures of my face, but he did a really great job!

I"m excited to post pictures and videos, I have so many ideas, so just as soon as I figure out how to take them alone. It"s not so easy to do alone (nor as fun)! LOL Maybe one day I"ll find a ws partner. Until then...If you have any fun ideas, suggest them. I am only into water sports and diapers, and by myself, since I recently moved here and don"t have a "water fun friend"...

Have a blessed warm and wet day!

Turn Ons

I get so turned on to watch and hear a guy piss (soo sexxxy) and to play with his piss and mine!!! I"d love to breastfeed my man while we play with both of our fountains. I also like seeing girls pissing, diapers, wetting diapers, pissing sex, etc. Ohh, I love wetting the bed first thing in the morning... with or without a diaper... or wetting just about anything!!! Intelligent humans with a sense of humor and who have their act together!

Turn Offs

Scat!!! Idiots. Stalkers. Mean people.


All kinds.


Wetting!!! Oh, that"s not a hobby, it"s part of life. How about: Photography, piano, music, shopping, eating, (well, that"s all part of life too)... Maybe life is a "hobby"??? Something to think about!


Yes. Rock!!!


I can read.

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3 years ago
Watch Me Piss
3 years ago
pissing on myself
8 years ago
wife diaper leak
3 years ago
nappy over flow
3 years ago
Road Piss
3 years ago
public piss
6 years ago
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7 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: ivocpaes
2 years ago're the girl I've been dreaming about......


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1 year ago

Princess with a pussy-fountain!  There's something so incredibly erotic about that phrase ;)

2 years ago

Just love your profile!  Thanks so much for adding me :-)

2 years ago

love your profile.  my girlfriend and i love pissing on each other.  i get off watching her pissing outside.   hope you will post some videos of you wetting yourself or squating down with your legs spread wide and letting your piss flow. 

2 years ago're the girl I've been dreaming about......

2 years ago

I can't wait to see you make a video :)

2 years ago

all the things you say on your profile are really turn me on ... My dream now : watch more thing of you... ;-) Just one or 2 pics will make me so horny...  (i hope you like my vid too, (i can send you more if you like....) Sweet hot kisses

2 years ago

adrianlove84 my skype add me and you can see me pissing :)

2 years ago

Welcome to xTube and thanks for the comment.  With such a profile, I can't wait to se what you'll post.

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