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Just a guy looking for like-minded people

I am moving things slowly over to another profile WETBEAR1959 to bring all my various accounts into alignment. All future stuff will be there until I complete the transition. I"ll keep this account for several months after and will put a note here when the account begins to go away...Thank you everyone for your support and see you on my new account.

I identify as queer or gay. We all have our attractions and it would be unrealistic for me to be attracted to everyone. Though I may not be attracted to someone, it doesn"t make them a bad person (unless they really are a bad person, haha).

I am attracted to masculinity as presented in masculine physical characteristics, affectation, and presentation. Males have a certain kind of skin, fat distribution, body hair, voice, and other subtle things. I say this because I always thought this meant that a guy had to have a penis for me to be attracted to them and learned a few years ago that penis was not as important, I realized that I can be attracted to trans guys (FTM). Since then I have dated both trans and cis-gendered guys. So what I need to be attracted to someone is a total complement of attractions including physical, presentation, affectation, and personality (the biggest thing).

I"m looking for friends who like what I like. I"d really like friends to do like-minded non-sexual things with, but damn it, I have yet to find anywhere to find guys that don"t think sex first hahaha. And yeah, I know it"s funny that I"m saying this on a sex site! Go figure. But I say it because you may like what I put on here or what I view on here and as an aside also like to become a friend. I"d like that. You"ll find enjoy a lot of non-sexual activities. I live in a great spot here in the northern San Francisco Bay area. We are so totally blessed with all the variety of micro climates and nature. And best of all, I live near San Francisco, though I don"t get down there often enough.

Sexually, it would be nice to have someone for casual sexual encounters. With my work and stuff, I need a degree of discretion, but I"m quite open and out otherwise. If you want to be just a fuck bud that would be great. If you"d like to also be a friend and can be comfortable with being discrete about the fuck part, awesome.

Turn Ons


Since I am attracted to the entire package, it is difficult to say what physical characteristics I"m attracted to. I enjoy guys who are totally smooth but I also enjoy guys who are so furry they almost look like Chewbacca. I admit I go first towards hair. I go for guys with normal body weight to some weight. Heck I have some weight too but am losing for health and overall better energy. Dick size? I don"t care if you have a micro penis, or a clitoris (FTM guys), or a 30" dick that"s 60" around (ok that might be too much), if you know how to be sexually intimate, that"s what counts. I do admit I"m partial to guys who are into anal play. Damn fucking is hot whether I am receiving or giving. But fucking isn"t everything. I also prefer lots of kissing, hugging, full body contact. For a quick hookup, I might forgo some of that, but I really do prefer it. Gentle to rough, vanilla to mild kink. Good hygiene.

100% VERSATILE!!! I prefer a guy to also be versatile though if not versatile I"d lean towards a bottom than a top. I also go for full participation (don"t lay there and don"t expect me to do everything). And by versatile in mean in ALL ASPECTS (with a couple of exceptions noted).

So other things to note... Everything is negotiable and boundaries respected so respect mine too. Discretion a must and practiced.

You need not like any of these, but they are incidental things we could do if you like... Water sports which includes all forms of piss play and enemas. Diapers (you wear them, not me unless you can convince me LOL). Fisting (you receive it not me, sorry my butt clams shut on that idea). Spanking (just an occasional thing and not too rough or too long). I can get into some other fetishes or short periods of time and I can get into very mild dom/sub stuff but not on a regular basis thing. Honestly, just ask and let"s negotiate what sounds great.

CHEMISTRY is a must on all levels, but can be casual to more.


I am a NUDIST. If you can understand this is separate from sex and exhibition, we are already on the same page. It simply means that anything you"d normally do with clothes I also like doing nude. If I had my way, I"d be nude almost all the time only putting on clothes when it is too cold or when doing things in public or work where clothing is more appropriate. And I understand that distinction and agree with it. So let"s talk about nude stuff: driving, hiking, camping, groups, beaches, clothing-optional resorts and nudist resorts, just chilling at our homes nude doing anything non-sexual.

OK I have a little exhibitionist in there too which means I will sometimes go to a street fair and take off my clothes. But I draw the line at having sex in such situations. No offense but I don"t want to subject others to my having sex who have not given their approval to seeing it. That said, if we went to a beach or were outdoors somewhere I"d happily fuck like rabbits where nobody was around or those around approved of what we were doing.

Turn Offs

We all have things we are not attracted to and that"s fine. Just because I"m not attracted to someone does not mean I don"t like them. Regardless of why you want to connect with me (friendship only versus sexual or both), I will not be attracted to you if you don"t respect boundaries, don"t take care of yourself, and don"t respect others. If you have to be mind altered to do anything all with me, I"m not interested. If you reek of alcohol, drugs or anything, I"m not interested. If your man smells are heavy and you"ve not just exercised or had hot steamy sex with me, I"m not interested.

So there are physical characteristics that are not "turn offs" so much as they are things that I"m simply not attracted to but as with all things for me they"re weighed as part of the entire package: being really skinny or really heavy, more feminine in physical characteristics or mannerisms.

As a funny aside, if you have a really large dick, you better be ready to bottom because my butt will freak out and clam shut! Same with the idea of me being fisted. And finally pain subjected to me.

And the last stuff... 100% tops (I just want the possibility of also fucking you). Guys who expect me to do only what they say and be submissive. Guys who expect me to dominate them exclusively. If you"re a 100% bottom, you better be a full participation bottom and not just lay there doing nothing, sorry doesn"t work for me.


everything from family, to musical, to sci-fi/fantasy (most especially), drama, and more. Oh yeah, and modern 3D.


movies, reading, computers, hiking, camping, crafts, long drives.


sci-fi/fantasy mostly.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the friends request!

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Very nice profile. Thank you for adding me!

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Thanks for the friend add! Nice profile.

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thanks for the friends request

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Hey there! Thanks for friend request! Good to know we share some similar interests! ;)  Greetings from Denmark

1 year ago

You are a very handsome big bear

1 year ago

No problem. ;)

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Thanks for being my friend  :)

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hey sexy man, thanks for the request

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Gracias por a√Īadirme / Thanks for the add

2 years ago

sorry big in the UK :( would love to get up close with a wet bear though :P

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