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1 week ago
My fingers pussy
1 months ago
Massive cumshot 2
1 year ago
1 year ago
Pissing in grey l..
5 months ago
for daniel3774
1 year ago
speedos cum
9 months ago
desperate pee!
1 year ago
On my bed
4 years ago
Cum In My Briefs
6 months ago
Masturbating MILF..
6 months ago
Cum and piss on t..
6 months ago
Jeans Wetting
1 year ago

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2 years ago

Hi sexy! All vids are now public again so no need for a PIN. Enjoy the fantasies ;-) 
Always great hearing from you. Rasha x

3 years ago

Hello longterm friend. Mmmmm... summer is here.  I have bought some new bikinis ;-)  Did you ever see my 'changing room' vid where I try on several ones and masturbate while doing so. That would be along those lines, right.  I will repost that one anyway. I do want to make a new one though too... in a pool.. could be fun. Thanks for the idea. Rasha x

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7 years ago

Clip 1 in that vid is the 'exercise' vid. I didn't film any more in the gym (video cameras everywhere - too risky).  Clip 2 and 5 is the continuation of the gym but filmed in my apartment. Again.. hope it works ;-)

7 years ago

Thanks for the comments. I don't actually own a bathing suit at the moment.. but I'll see what I can do ;-) As for my last vid, it should be showing Clip 1,2 and 5 now. Try again.. maybe you need to 'refresh' your browser. Hope it works for you.. let me know. Rasha x

7 years ago

You are most welcome! To reply to some of the things you wrote.. (one long comment!) I don't think beauty has anything to do with how people are turned on.. anyway, it makes me hot to watch others and be watched ;-) Secondly, my original vids are usually quite long but I have to edit them and cut them down due to the 50MB uploading limit here. Alternatively, I could substitute quality for length.. I'll give it a go next time ;-)  As for the requests, very feasible and could be fun! Thanks. Rasha x

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