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Turn Ons

People who have mastered the art of holding on, and the art of letting go and everything in between.

Communicating on the same level about the art of:
filling up, holding it in, giving in, being wet, being dirty, drying up, stains, crinkles, bulges, mishaps, little secrets..
And balancing that out with a healthy lifestyle, with good freshness hygiene and grooming.

And how to fit that into a world full of rules, conditioning, convicts and taboos in a surrendering passionate way.

I see it as a game, so I can separate it from my ordinairy public habits and keep it in line, and I can allow myself to let go fully when I choose to do so.

I LOVE people who GET THIS and who also experiment alot with all the (social) context of the whole recycling loop thing, eating drinking, filling up, bulging, handling the building tension, carrying a LOAD inside with pride and grace.

People who are into pee (and/or poop), not plain scat, but foremostly in a foreplay way intruding normal life events, that can get very sophisticated.

I know/met quite a few girls who all individually have their 'THING' with 'bathroom habits', and one thing they all have in common is they seem to fully have integrated their 'odd habits' into their own language. They have all learned to communicate each stage of their digestion process, they always felt the need to mention if something has changed.
For instance I know a hand full of girls who always make sure to mention when they have to pee, and how bad etc, and they will never go piss straight away..

Other girls who are acting overly obsessed with hygiene, often get visibly excited when embaressing topics are discussed where someone got 'out of line' and got a little DIRTY..

Sometimes I myself feel like the biggest pervert of you all, just because I know so many ways to enjoy this whole mine field.
But the real art is when you know how to keep al your kinks from interveening with eachother.
Like pee and poop, I seldom combine those in one go. Less is more and alot of the value you get out of it comes from knowing what works and you only know what works best if you practice.

And to practice this 'looser habit' you must have made a choice first and that choice is:

I Don't Care
what someone else thinks is bad behaviour, stinks or is waay out of line.
I Don't mind getting dirty, I might even like it, just as much as taking a hot shower or crawling under fresh sheets in a cool airy room.
Getting dirty is not the same as being dirty. My default is and always will be, clean, because cat's also clean themselves.
But I will respect my own bodily excretions and the way they can smell when I let them be and live like me, I like my body odour, it's dreamy, earthy, basic sweet and sometimes intoxicating. I don't think I stink, and people around me don't either, and when I feel good, loved and horny I smell even better. I don't stink but certain parts can get stinky if I let them, my armpits, which I try to keep clean and not intrusive or heavy sweaty all the time. They get stinky after stress or not using deo after sometimes within an hour, ... I just tend to eliminate sweaty smell, without using loads of parfume, I use bio-deo, every day unless I am being active together with others who also don't care. I'm glad I never reek like some guys, never, if I smell it's more like, sweet with stretches of musk. My ex used to fall asleep with her nose up my armpit after a good fuck.

normal people who, for instance have the demanding and restricting conditions of; always peeing butt naked and always on a toilet in private, people who always wanna stay spotless down there, can sufficate a whole train cabin with their agressive deo.

Well I think armpits and how good they can smell naturally are so so, it's much more interesting to be able to communicate with someone if the smell of their crotch reaches your nose before anything else.
Well now that i think of it, I love some girls' parfumes, how their hair smells, behind her ear, or their scar.... lovely

It's just that so many people just straight away disacknowledge ANYthing having to do with even small traces of pee or even WORSE, POOP. OMG.
And by disacknowledging it they NEVER really get to know the nuances and the richness of our own layers of parfume, developing, maturing, microbiotics living with us, on us, in harmony.

But yeah i'm glad you guys here, know to get dirty in so many ways, enjoying so many aspects of it.
Everybody is the same in a way, in a language, an extra dimension like funky smell-connaisseurs, not afraid to make themselves 'present' in unorthodox ways because they know what they are doing!
We don't always need words or anything at all really, to express our nature, to introduce ourselves.

We can also step into a world together as a couple, go on a trip, just spend time, like in a campervan traveling, having loong road trips, long enough to have lived a full circle in just those areas which tell the most about someone, how they eat, sleep, relax, and start to smell after a while, but also, when and how they RELIEVE inner tensions, fluids and solids and how developed they are. How well can they retain their composure even if they are not in direct acces of running hot water a toilet or a clean pair of panties twice a day, how do they cope with that 'discomfort'. Do they get ashamed feel worthless like dirt, maybe even anxious or disgusted.

Not so many people know how to appreciate the process of cultivating your own microbes and widen their horizon, just by handling your pissing and/or pooping habits just alittle bit different, so they don't discard it immidiately after it comes out but let it be for a while and see what is like and what kind of liberating effect that can have.

All the while it's known throughout the animal kingdom, de REAL identity lies in their own waist, and dogs know it, dogs know where to sniff out the people so efficiently seem to avoid.

I still don't totally get it, why people got so uptight about what their own body produces, what nature calls. I think it's a good idea to have your home not smelling like a horse shed. But our 'stinky disgracefull bucket of dump' is 'just about the most fertile fertillizer' you can get your hands on. But society is just too ashamed to adopt the techniques.

Turn Offs

people who want to go straight to the goal without enjoying the countless steps in between. Such a turn off...


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