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Race: Chinese

Location: Singapore

Age: 31 (1980)

Language Spoken: English & Mandarin

Dialect Spoken: Hokkien & A bit of Cantonese

Dick Size: Below Average (Small) :(

Dick Length (Non-Erected): About 3 inches

Dick Length (Erected): About 4.5 to 5 inches :(

Dick Thickness: About 1.5 inches :(

Dick"s Foreskin: Very Tight (Cant pull back completely, not even half way) :(

Masturbation Indoor Locations (privacy): Own House & Shopping Centres" Washrooms

Masturbation Outdoor Location (public): Housing Estate"s Stairways, midnight quiet places & Community Club (Outside Compound)

Preference of Indoor or Outdoor: Jerking off outdoor, feel higher in excitement, more horny, more precum and cum even more. A greater sensation.

Personal Fetish: Reflecting self on mirror & raising one side armpit when jerk off.

Jerk Off Position: Sitting with legs spread opened, kneeling down on knees, standing on feet & Standing with right foot placing on chairs.

Curosity: Willingly to try mutual masturbate with preteen boy or teen boy or a twink boy or young guy... Wanna feel this kind of sensuation besides solo masturbation and been doing this act since 5 years old till present... find it boring to be solo for donkey years and wanna to try something different or fresh... wish to have a partner to experiment...

Level of Horny(ness): Most of the time, especially when boredom or nothing else to do.

No. of JERK OFF per week: About 4 to 5 times

PS: Guess my request is impossible as my expectations are overbroad or too high or too picky... The most i can do is fantasize myself... Really hate myself for cant subdue my perversion over boys and guys... Whenever i see a boy"s or guy"s dick, my dick starts to erect... looking at cute girls erection will occur as well... Am I Gay or Bisexual? I am confused...

Turn Ons

01) Teen

02) Twink

03) Boyish

04) Cute

05) Handsome

06) Hairless Armpits

07) Less Hair Armpits

08) Average Size Dicks (Up to 6 inches)

09) Small Size Dicks

Turn Offs

Whatever is filthy, produces unpleasant scent and body odour... I apologise for my straightforwardness... Just wanna be frank...


Japanese and Thai twink gay boy porn...


Masturbation, Game Arcade, Cycling, Badminton, Solo Singing, Listening Mp3s...


English, Chinese, Cantonese & Japanese...


XXX Porn Photographs or Pictures...

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3 months ago

I am Favour and new to this site i go though your profile and it quit interesting, I will love to know you more better if you don't mine because i have very important issue i want to discuss with you. You can contact me in my personal email address at( ) we can keep in contact to know each other better.

4 months ago

Awesome!!Very hot profile.....Love your videos!

5 months ago

wow vids and very horny

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