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I"ll fuck you, and hard.

Hello xtubers. Been a while for me to be on here. So here I am, still bi-curious. I like my females any way they come, 18-60, bbw or twigs, big to no boobs. Hell, if you have two legs and a vagina, I"ll fuck you.

Men are a different story. I"m in the market for one that will teach, between the ages of 25-50. I"d prefer a bottom and effeminate guy. He"d need to teach me everything.

But anyways, I"m a larger guy who likes his drink occasionally. I likes my sex more. Never into drama, so fuck that shit people. I"m not gonna screw and be the guy who fucks up others when you want to see me do that. Ima sex you up and be friends, I don"t use and leave. Not my style.

You better not be into size, I"m not long or wide. But I do know how to use what I got and love to give oral and finger the shit out of chicks.

Turn Ons

Two legs and a vagina? But to be serious, I like my women with meat on the bones so I don"t think I"ll break them. So bbw"s, big boobs, women who dress trashy/slutty at home.

Dirty talk, women who rake their nails on my back, women who after I cum, just keep going.

Fuck, theres too much to write. I"ll just go with two legs...wait, even thats a little narrowing. Hows about just have a vagina and your good? ;).

Guys, well you know what I"m looking for.

Both of the genders better like cuddling though. I"m a cuddler.

Turn Offs

Drama, not letting me finish either sexually or anything at all, being dishonest or using me to cheat. You having STD"s, I"m clean, you be too. You wanting my baby, that kind of shit. Just be a dtf kinda person.


Zombie movies, horror, comedy that isn"t retarded, campy movies, action/explosion movies. Drama, documentaries.


Sex, work, video games, anime, watching Let"s Plays and porn. Playing DnD and other RPG"s. Used to LARP, would like to again. So basically saying, I"m a nerd and like to role-play.


Rock, Metal, Grunge, Country before 2000, Oldies, Sinatra-esque, Big Band. I don"t honestly hate too much music.


Fantasy fiction, sy-fy fiction, documentaries. I"m fairly eclectic.

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