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I think this line

Before anyone asks, yes I"m married, we"re both poly, and I don"t do anything without his consent.That being said, I"m not that hard to figure out. ;) Lets face it, we"re all here for the same reasons, right?

That doesn"t mean I"m going to respond to every "Hey baby" I get, so try to be a bit more original, if you"d actually like to chat. (and if you really want to see more pics, it"ll take that, plus permission to view my other site)

Turn Ons

Men, women, moaners (try to let someone else know you like it, too, you greedy bastards!), biting...just about the norm you"d expect from any kinkster.

Turn Offs

severe age differences (being about 20+ yrs),I do not have a Daddy complex. Rude people, heavy smokers, prejudice in ANY form...not many others I can"t think of off hand. Oh, and mimes.


No chick flicks


reading, gaming, singing, movies, gaming, and sex...of course ;)


so long as it"s not country or rap, I can usually enjoy it.


The Gor novels, Hitchhiker"s Guide, Tolken, Laurell K Hamilton, Zachery Zombie and the Lost Boy, Emo the Bunny, Zombie Survival Guide, How to Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn... (I think that should give you a decent idea lol.)

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Top Comment #1 by: td55
3 years ago

wat up wit you thanks for the add


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2 months ago

Thansk for add...

3 years ago

wat up wit you thanks for the add

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