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lookin for the right girl to explore inch by inch

im a very chill guy who loves to give more than recieving. im very experienced at what i do and i wont stop until your entire body is tired and depleted. these lips were made for kissing and thats just what they do, and one of these days these lips are gonna kiss all over you. i dont really have a particular type. i like women who are confident in their own skin and women whose brain is their biggest sex organ. im not a super big guy but im definetly not small. even if i were small i would still get the job done just cause thats the type of person i am. my lady always comes first. in more ways then one.

Turn Ons

thick women, small women, tall women short women. women with sexxy nipples, women who reveal all through their eyes. women who are confident but not too confident. im sorry but i must have a women with some cushion in the back, if you dont though i guess i could start feeding you some soul food and youll get it soon enough lol. i must have a woman with intelligence and common sense and a sense of humor. theses are probably the most important attributes.

Turn Offs

ignorance and bad feet.


enter the void, irreversible, life in a day, limitless, fargo, smiley face, black dynamite, shrink, memento, following, carlitos way, mothman prophecies, virgin suicides, donnie darko, the last dragon, clerks, dog day afternoon, reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, true romance,

dusk till dawn, crank 2, the anti christ... ok this is going to take forever cause there are a ton of good movies ive seen.


reading, dancing, making music, drawing,


everything under the sun that is good music. currently listening to alot of tv on the radio, bjork, roy ayers, nin, thundercat, flylo,

jeremiah jae, sun ra, radiohead, madlib, jdilla,


rum diaries, fear and loathing in las vegas,(hunter s. thompson is currently the only fiction i read) the starseed transmissions, the holy science, witchcraft, magick, the gnostic handbook, anything by manly p hall.

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Hello gorgeous! Just dropping by to say hello and tell you how wonderful you are!!! <3!


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Hello gorgeous! Just dropping by to say hello and tell you how wonderful you are!!! <3!

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