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I'm willing to give a try in trying new things out once to see if I'd like it or not. There are things I haven't tried/done yet and would try it for a first time to see if I'd like it or not. I am 100% straight (not into guys at all). I like a girl who has a nice firm butt and also who likes to cum and squirt often too. Love going down on a girl getting her to cum with my tongue. A girl desperate to pee during sex is a fantasy that I would like to see and witness someday. Something about a girl desperate to pee doing all she can to hold her overly full bladder is a HUGE TURN ON for me and seeing her wet herself. I love to masturbate to girls playing with themselves making themselves squirt like crazy whether naked or squirting in their panties or even their pants (like yoga pants, spandex pants, jeans etc.). I even enjoy masturbating seeing girls grab themselves while desperate to pee until they lose control and soak their pants and hands from grabbing themselves. I do enjoy cumming in my underwear and also getting it to where it starts showing through my jeans or shorts that I came.

Turn Ons

Female desperation and wetting. I am very much into girls wetting their pants. Trying their best to hold onto their bladder for as long as they can until its too late and their bladder bursts soaking their pants, jeans, trousers, shorts. Seeing girls masturbating getting themselves to cum and squirt (seeing them squirting in their panties or pants getting them soaking wet with their juice, I find extremely hot).

Turn Offs



Wetting myself in tight clothing, masturbating to female desperation videos/pictures of girls and they don"t make it in getting their pants off and soaks their pants, jeans, trousers, shorts etc. :) ;)

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2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago

I've Wet My Tan/Khaki Pants
6 months ago
I Piss in a Pair of Tan/Khaki Pants
10 months ago
I Really Had to Go & Piss My Comfy Blue Pants
1 year ago
Pissing in my Comfy Tight Black Pants
2 years ago
I Piss In a Pair of Nike Dryfit Shorts
2 years ago
Love To Wet These Under Armour Pants
2 years ago
I Re-wet My Under Armour Pants Part 2
2 years ago
I Re-wet My Under Armour Pants
2 years ago
In My Tight Black Old Navy Jeans
2 years ago
I Had Really Had To Go
2 years ago
I Soak My Tight Blue Jeans Again
2 years ago
I Flood My Tight Under Armour Pants
2 years ago
I Peed In My Adidas Pants
2 years ago
I Pee My Black shorts
2 years ago
Re-wet My Red Shorts
2 years ago
Red Shorts Wetting
2 years ago

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Pissing my grey l..
1 months ago
white shorts
1 months ago
pee in lace panties
3 months ago
pee on carpet for..
1 months ago
peeing on towel
4 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Quick pee in my p..
3 months ago
Jeans Wetting
3 months ago
Pissin my Panties!
2 months ago

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1 month ago

please more of the peeing snowpants! 

4 months ago

awesome snowpants video. i really loved it. can you do more? :)

9 months ago

hey :)

love your peeing in snowpants video. can you do more of them? :D

1 year ago

Thanks for the connect ;) ! I hope you will enjoy my videos, I'm always squirting on them, just as you like ;) 



1 year ago

Your vids are great, please more!!!!

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