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Looking for leadfooted driving guys willing to do clips for money

Hi my name is Don a 28 year old black male I"am 100% into guys wearing cool sneaks and boots but my fetish goes further than that I also love looking at guys feet while they are holding

down the gaspedal of a vehical looking at how the top of their sneakers bend when they stomp on the gaspedal and hearing the engine roar as I jerk off. That is what drives me wild and gives me such a hard on, I have been addicted to this for years and I"ve always had such a hard time finding web sites that will do these types of videos for me. My addiction started when I was 14 years old and I was getting a ride home from one of my uncle"s friends he was a

6foot black male wearing some awsome mildy worn nike air jordans 4"s with some nike socks, I have always liked looking at guys with cool sneaks with pretty white socks on but that day my fetish exploded threw the roof. We were riding in his chevy tahoe and I was looking at his feet from the backseat as he smashed the gas repeatedly and holding it to the floor when I saw that my fetish went to a whole nother level I just could not get his cool sneaks and that gaspedal out of my mind when I got home I jerked off 2 times in a row and every sense I have been surfing the net and hoping to god that I could find a website with some video clips of guys stomping the gaspedal hard wearing cool sneaks.

Turn Ons

Guys that are willing to satisfy anothers fetish, watching guys feet as they punch the pedal hard making my cock get real hard and I also enjoy nice guys that don"t mind doing request.

Turn Offs

Rude people and jugde mental people


action,horror, and racing movies


No hobbies just working

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2 years ago

thanks for the add!! great profile :)

2 years ago

shit i know u r fuckin' st8 but i don't fuckin' care haha just wanna sniff ur sneax 'n suck ur fat cock!

2 years ago


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