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A shortcut is the Longest Distance between 2points

ok i'm a Regular dude who's suddenly found these random user uploaded videos to be far more arousing than porn. Hence my presence on x-tube. Girls are magical- i Love em and I can't get enough of em....(Can a guy be "too straight")? Lol!

I'm a straight forward guy....You can ask me anything. I despise lies and deceit....

I'm a little shy I suppose.

Thats about it. If u want to know anything more about me just ask

Turn Ons

Pretty girls, Cunnilingus, Large Labia, Lesbians,exhibitionists, watching hot girls take off sexy lingerie, Girls who're smarter than I am, girls who can talk dirty when its required of them, girls who squirt, girls who masturbate with skilled fingers, pleasant & friendly girls

Turn Offs

conceited women, scat porn......for heaven's sake limit that to the toilet bowl people


Righteous kill, Madagascar, Scarface, Godfather ok I usually just watch a movie and forget about it so there's nothing really to tell about......I luuuuurve comedies.... Love those retarded stuff like You don't mess with the Zohan ;)


Sports, Reading, checkin out babes, Sometimes computer gaming, hangin out with friends etc......X tube is really cool but it s not a hobby I just come here when I'm horny and I feel like it


Dance trance techno retro club mostly but I like any kinda music that appeals to me at any moment, Rock musics usually good but there's this kind that gives me a know the kind where the vocalist makes vomiting noises?


Fiction, Sherlock Holmes, Encyclopedias, Abstract Philosophy books

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2 years ago

Not having babies, no :-)  HAve you seen my latest photo albums? Keep well. Rasha x

3 years ago

Thatnks for your comments to my video.  They got me excited!

4 years ago

My lovely, horny F King,

How are you doing?


xxxx Velvet

5 years ago

how have u been? ;)

5 years ago

heeheee hey there sweet heart :)

kissesssss & thank u

5 years ago

the f kingggggg!! hehe thanks so much for your comments and btw nice profile :)

5 years ago off course, someone that likes Madagascar cannot fail with me.....

5 years ago

:) thanx sweetie

5 years ago

Hi hun, wow you're comments make my knees buckle ;)

Would have never dreamed people would like me this much, feelsso good!

And silly?? Hope they make you horny too.. Kiss

5 years ago

You should have seen my face when I saw your comments just now. Wink

Thank you so much! 

5 years ago

Hi Hun!

 Weird the rating thing isn't working. But tThanks again for your nice comments. 

Hope you'll be coming back and check my profile again soon. Hope to have some new stuff up soon.


5 years ago

Thank you so much mister king, loved your comments!

Happy to hear you like it. Will be putting more vids up.

Hope you will enjoy them too.



5 years ago

:) aww thax 4

I made another video 8mins long nude, ass up video :p

just waiting 4 it 2 get put up. i think you'll like <3


5 years ago;M

5 years ago


That's so nice.

Thank you.


5 years ago Tickle gif 3 image by Deviousdave21" width="52" height="24" />


5 years ago

this silly website wont let me reply to your message...... (this is what i intended to say)

 "hahaha. yea, i've been told that before. i did play the piano for 5 years... but i dont know if that's what it is. i just have very long skinny fingers despite cracking my nuckles all the time.

tho, they do get a fair amount of practice too.

tthanks, always glad to have a fan!"

6 years ago

Welcome to xtube! That was certainly a flattering compliment... lol.. yes, I do know where you are from quite well :-) Glad to have a fan base there too. Have fun watching and thanks for making me giggle with the 'cliff' comment. Sweet.. Rasha x

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