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Looking for Blk tops In Tampa

Blk bottom looking for good blk guys to talk or chat with, maybe more. NO DRAMA WANTED, there are tons of other people on here that want and need drama and b.s, I happen to not be one of them. I'm a masculine brutha. So no, I'm not trying to be a female nor live a lifestyle emulating one. Be real and DTE (down to earth)! NOT into, white men, nor fems. I'm masculine blunt and mostly str8 up. Very intellectually stimulating. I enjoy a nice civilized conversation with someone! I'm 5'9" 180lbs, 30 y/o. Very cute bottom. Nice ass and body, with an intense, lively mind to match. I love making a person smile and have fun with me. It doesn't always only in the sack, because why sleep with a person who you have no chemistry with or can't stand to be in same room with unless its only to bust a nut?

Connect with me quickly via kik: deemck2015

Turn Ons

Masculine mature blk men, in shape or average bodied. I have a passion for bruthas that are slightly thick. Not fat or sloppy bodied but someone who carries their weight thin or thick well. Intelligence persons, people who have a spark in their personality that draws interest or intellectual stimulation. Fun nature individuals. People who are honest and blunt. Sexually: I'll explain that with the person I'm conversing with. In general the regular stuff.

Turn Offs

white guys (no I'm not racist, or an extremist), overly fems ( they are good people to be friends with but not to date or be intimate with, thats just my preference {some of the most nicest men are fems, but its not a turn on, sexually, notfor me}) and arrogant asses! Its great to think highly of oneself but try to be somewhat be humble. Perfect is an adjective that describes no one who is breathing on this Earth. People who are in need or want paymasters. People who lack common sense..


Matrix (all 3 of them), The Net (one of Sandra Bullock's first break out roles), Street Fighter (none of the live action movies), Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and the Golden Age. Mortal Kombat. Tyler Perrys Movies. The Best Man. Pretty much all of the Batman movies except the 1960's or 1970's campy movies. The Color People, Dirty Dancing, some Marvel comic's movies. Waiting to Exhale (RIP Whitney Houston), Queens of Comedy, Sommore: The Queen Stands Alone, Mo'Nique - I Coulda Been Your Cellmate!, Soul Plane. Many more.


Ask and I will tell, just kidding; reading, watching tv preferable worldly news. Walking talking with friends, dancing. Shooting pool. Singing gospel. Using my computer. I love technology, advanced phones, electronics we become slaves to, watching online reviews of phones, computers, games and other items that have to do with technology. I love video games, except the ones that teach children how to become future prison inmates. Having great conversations with intelligent people. Throwing down in the kitchen. Traveling. Making money. Fine dining.


Hip hop R&B, Gospel. Pop. I'm A huge Mariah Carey Fan. Some latino music. Alternative rock, some country. Music where you can actually understand the lyrics and does degrade a particular group of people. Not songs that have non talented vocalist.


Zane's Sex chronicles, Makes Me Wanna Holla, Color People.!!!

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