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All you bad girls must be stiffly penalized!

I"m your American admirer here in Rome, at your service.

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The look of a woman"s face, her eyes, the moans and gasps and little noises in the throes of passion, the joy and the wetness of your orgasms. It is a constant source of pleasure and wonder the capacity for multiple orgasms you girls have! I JUST LOVE TO MAKE YOU CUM! AGAIN AND AGAIN... Makes me so hot!

Turn Offs

passiveness, can"t look me in the eye.


Erotic: 9-1/2 weeks, Bliss, Last Tango in Paris, Monsieur Hire

Others: Blade Runner, David Lynch films, Coen brothers


photography, travel/adventure, biking, beaches and lakes


classical baroque, jazz, blues, pop/rock 60"s to 90"s, new wave


novels, science, history, political, classics

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A different kind of homage to genuinelysanguine
3 years ago

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3 years ago

I got new pictures up! and also a new video (hopefully) soon! :D it's converting atm, and i'm about to go to bed, but i thought i would share with you because you are an awesome loyal fan! have a great evening! let me know what you think! :D
I'll be posting more videos and pictures from now on i hope! found my webcam xD

3 years ago

Why thank you : ] Requests.... hmmm, I'm not sure what I should even ask for haha.

4 years ago

awweh thank you! very kind <33

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