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Let`s touch tummies

Can you read? Fine. Eat this...

Sure, jerk off contests with my mates at the skate park do the job. And no doubt about it, casual fuckbuddy`s keeping me out of troubles just as well. But this young dog would like to enter more and more the adult world. So I`m looking for guys/men who can teach me some new tricks.

Of course, I would prefer to do all of this with my future eternal everlasting bf, but for the time being, that twat is hiding himself incredibly well. Therefore, in anticipation that he finally pops up, I don`t say "no" against some wild interesting encounters. Afterall, I find myself at the peek of my hormones level, don`t I?

Anyway, do I have any other choice? Better face the truth. Guys like us are obviously designed such that they possess some kind of an overactive hormones factory within ourselves!Having something differently than fun is as good as next to impossible for us. It`s practically the one and only reason of our existing. It`s our mission to explore the strange new worlds, to seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly go where we`ve never been gone before...

This xtube profile exists only as a kind of self promotional advertisment to catch your attention.

I mostly ignore hits form empty and faceless profiles

Selfmade gay porn is the best gay porn. So, If you do have some vids or pics to share, friendship requests are most welcome. But if as such your own face doesn`t fit in, don`t bother! Fake accounts are soooo 2012!

If you detect any grammatical mistaces in this profile, please send me a message. I`m not a big superhero in the Englisch writing you see. Thanks.

Turn Ons

Hereby a selection of some random answers

*never done that...*

*... but heck, let`s check it out *

*during the movies*

*several times a day*


*only if you show me yours first*


*I don`t know*

*no more then three at once*

*I like to try that one*

*in the bushes?*

*drinking hot milk after sex*


*dark eyes*

*a tricky one... 100% straight guys?*





*gingerbread personalities

Turn Offs

* smoking

* narrow-minded people

* girls without bfs, why the hell do we need them for?

* fetish wear, prefer just shirtless jeans or naked

* unsafe

* insufficient brain activities


action: Skyfall

war: Band of Brothers

historical: The Eagle

gay: Punish me

drama: Slumdog Millionaire

romantic:Just un peu de reconfort

youtube: FNV Films

porn: Boynapped

sf: Total Recall

thriller:Das experiment


skating, friends, intellectual conversation, random trivia, reading how-tos, and of course my most favourite pastime... wanking.

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1 year ago

Nice stuf !

1 year ago

sex tonight? 

1 year ago

hot profile ;)

1 year ago

cheers for the friends request, hope you enjoy the vids

1 year ago


2 years ago

You sound like a self indulgent cockhead.

2 years ago

Thanks for invite,like to be your friend !

2 years ago

HOT profile.. and your working material is sexy....  hoping to see more .. cheers.

2 years ago

Hot stuff man! Nice profile and all the blah blah is also interesting.... for xtube... a poet. Keep the good work sexy. 

2 years ago

Super hot pictures. :)

2 years ago

Hot profile!

2 years ago

Sexy foto's heb je van jezelf ';) Looking realy good :D

2 years ago

Hey man!
Thanks for the ad request! Be sure to comment and rate my videos. And SUBSCRIBE!!!! Every group of new subscribers mean I post new videos. I always love requests and feedback too.
Hope 2013 is treatin you well! Keep sucking sucks and keep cummin' back for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago

Bedankt voor het toevoegen en leuk profiel

2 years ago

Cute. And I loved Skyfall too :3

2 years ago

you are a dream

2 years ago

Looking good! Swimmer?

2 years ago

thx for the add!

2 years ago

So cute!  xx

2 years ago

Dude your quite handsome i must say ;)

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