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I"m a shorty with a thick dick

Basically i"m a sensitive guy who loves to listen if you need to get something off your chest. In the bedroom (or phone or wherever) I"ll do anything to make my woman cum....then cum again, and again until they cant anymore. Fingerbanging, eating you out, fucking, or even using a toy on you....anything to help get you to cum.

Turn Ons

LEGS!!! I love girls legs. Long, short, thin, thick, i love em all. I love a girl that can get really turned on often...try to keep up with me!!! I can easily cum, and stay hard, cum again, and stay hard, and cum for a 3rd time all in 10-15 minutes on the phone with a girl. Imagine what i can do in person ;) Also, when i get soft, believe me, it"s EASY to get me hard again really quick like. And if SOMEHOW you wore my dick out, i will be more than willing to do anything to keep pleasing you. I LOVE giving head and i LOVE fingerbanging. And my fingers are very fast :) But yeah, if you"re a girl that"s wet alot....i"m your guy. I"ll keep going and going until you"re satisfied. I know during sex, the guy will ALWAYS get his orgasm...which is why i concentrate on my woman. Not fair for me to cum and not my partner after all now is it? Hell no. Besides....making my partner cum is another turn on for me. So like i said, i"ll do anything to make that happen.

Turn Offs

A girl that smokes alot is the main thing. A girl that gets drunk alot or does alot of drugs. Yeah, no thank you.


Shawshank Redemption is my fav movie probably. I like all types of movies. Action, comedy, sci fi, and yes...even chick flicks :P


I play Trying to get in shape. Video games. Thinking of things that will make people wonder wtf is wrong with me. Like i said...i"m weird!!! :P For many times do i put my foot on the brake while going from point A to point B...thats weird, isnt it??? Yeah, thought so.


As i said before, pretty much everything. My playlist goes from jazz and classical to rap and hip hop...sooooo isnt that everything? lol


Books? What are those? I"d rather sleep...or breathe...or play with my doggies...anything else lol

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5 years ago

I have a webcam now so if any women likes the look of my dick, i'd be glad to make a video for you. Can also IM me on yahoo....screen name is  exactly like that. IM me if you're interested :)

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