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For the most part I am just your ordinary guy though I suppose my habits are on the kinky side I am mature I was married a very long time am now widowed I do not live alone I have rented out my basement sweet to 2 younger ladies and my kids come home often so my home is seldom empty but I am who I am so getting caught in the middle of things happens quite often my web cams are always on and all that action is captured in the back ground. I am here for some fun and I will be posting some material with others in it soon including one of the ladies that lives downstairs for now my status on most sites remains marked married I invite comments and look forward to meeting new people, a lot of the people in my life right now are a lot younger then me with my wives illness I lost contact with the crowd we use to hang with my new circle are the friends of my son and they accept me as I am they also do not mind that I have a RV several trucks a Harley, numerous dirt bikes and a boat lol.
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anything female is a turn on for me girls have always been my weakness I am especially attracted to bi girls and lesbians I am an exhibitionist and have been for years , anything to do with girls and bondage girls and BDSM girls with belts or whips girls with strap on Girls into cock torture cock humiliation cum (peaking) denial (love it when a girl takes a belt to my bare cock) I have had some interaction with couples but that only with the female in the lead as my profile says I'm game for pretty much anything with girl or girls involved biggest turn on would be to be gang banged by a group of young ladies (get those huge strap on out, yes I know way to crazy to be kinky) Find me on Yahoo or on Skype search SpankMeezboB Rau

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men pretending to be women (90% of white ladies denouncing white cock are black men on fake account), and women who come to a site like this and then yell and scream "your all pigs" there are enough church sites for them they can pump their asses with a big dildo in the back room of any church and keep their opinions on the normal world to them selves basically any one who is not adult to realize this is an adult site


any thing action


My Harley, girls, camping, girls, and the out doors, dirt biking, girls, and of course being tied down and spanked by girls grins


I love most music including some rap and some opera


umm haven't read a book in years seeing the movies now I suppose i should have stuck to the books so far none of the movies has even been close to as good as the book

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you are welcome to xtube!;)!

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