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I"m Holly. I"m easy going. I"m a huge tease. I love fucking with guys. But I"m also a slut. I don"t back down from a good bang. I"ve done my share of swinging and multiple sex. Everything is game when you"re a slut like me ;)

I"m here mostly to upload videos I make of the shoes I sell on ebanned. My user id there is Pantyseller25, so look me up to buy socks, shoes, pantyhose and videos! xxoo-Holly

Turn Ons

My favorite guys are a little chubby, but *must* have a nice ass. I love a good tush.

Turn Offs

bullshit and bullshitters. Be an adult. If you haven"t been in highschool for over 20 years, I will probably want to fuck you. But not if your mentality is for shit.


Oh man...

The Count of Monte Cristo


Gardening, working out, writing, being an all-around slut, collecting sneakers and socks.


I like a variety. I do enjoy classical and jazz, but I grew up during the grunge area so, that old-school "alternative" of the 90s is pretty much my thing. I like the cardigans, pixies, REM, radiohead, nirvana, hole, the verve, and of course SNEAKER PIMPS!!! Six underground could be my profile anthem.


I"m big on academics, but not interested in going into scholarly authors here. I just want to be a slut.

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4 years ago

Wet Slut Panties
4 years ago
For HouseBitch
4 years ago
Running shoes
4 years ago
James Movie
4 years ago
SneakerSluts Sneaker Video!
4 years ago

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3 years ago

LOVE your videos!

3 years ago

No stick, just not buying it....

3 years ago

I don't buy you're not some 63 year old jerk off. No videos to prove that big cock, pretty boy? Grow up.

3 years ago

Not buying that this is a female....

3 years ago

Hey there, thanks for the add.  I must say that your pics are incredibly sexy.  They definitely gave me more than a few ideas about what I'd love to do to that perfect body of yours.  Drop me a message sometime, I'd love to get to know you ;).

3 years ago

Thanx for the add!

3 years ago

Hello digital world. I've been slamming busy with work, but should finally be able to get some more freebie videos of my sneakers up. I <3 sneakers and socks! Also, I really like slippers (pink fuzzy slippers!) I love being slutty, and it rocks my world putting up dorky sneaker vids for guys to spank the monkey to. So, it couples well. 


If you want any custom vids, socks, sneakers, thongs, sportsbras or have any ideas for freebie vids you'd like, my address is and my name's Holly,xxoo

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