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The most excellent parts of a man are his cock and balls.

49. 6"0" (182cm). 167lbs (76kg).

I am baldy by choice. I have a beard, a goatee or sometimes a clean shaven face depending on my mood.
There are only some hairs on my body.

Mostly I am wearing Adidas or Birkenstock. The size of my feet is about EU 42.

You want to know something about my excellents parts ;-)
I have a small sized and cut wienie which is crowned with a PA (actually a CBB 6,0 x 15mm). This wienie is wanked several times a day but it does not squirt very much.
My balls are not very big but when stretched with some balls-weights they are nice lowhangers.

Turn Ons

A guy’s most excellent parts are his genitals which are the unique shrine of his manhood.
His uncut cock is the sumptuous wand of his horniness.
His balls are the marvellous goblet of his male nectar.

cock, foreskin and balls have to be worshipped as often as possible.

When a REAL MAN calls you a faggot, it’s because you are. A REAL MAN is always right. Accept HIS opinion.

No REAL MAN cares about your opinion. A faggot’s mouth is for pleasuring a REAL MAN’s cock and body.

SWALLOWING is what makes the difference between a good cocksucking and a GREAT cocksucking.

Slaves cum not for pleasure but to be milked and health maintenance only…
slave’s penis is to be milked for health maintenance only, a slave penis has no rights to orgasm or pleasure, only if it’s OWNER, the MASTER permits it.

Hairy pubes are a privilege of REAL MEN. For all male bottoms, faggots and slaves pubic shaving is mandatory.

| hairy and masculine guys | beards, the bigger the better | hairy armpits |

| sneakers | sox | (big) male feet | adidas | soccer slides | birkenstock | vibram fivefingers | flipflops | work boots | Toe Leather Boots |

| dirty jocks | uncut cocks | uncut cock head sucking | smelly cocks | cheesy cocks | heavy smegma | blowing | licking | cleaning |



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Top Comment #1 by: landgay
4 years ago

mhhh lecker profil :-)


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1 month ago

Danke für's Verlinken, geile Sau!

2 years ago

 thanks for friendship ;]

2 years ago

goiler prinzenbruder

4 years ago

GEILE SAU in Adidas 

thxs for adding me ! 

4 years ago

mhhh lecker profil :-)

4 years ago

Danke fürs Verlinken - wirklich GEILES Profil!!

sneakerglatze - Male , 49

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