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First off, I have a cam and LOVE c2c. Anyone who wants to cam and is reasonably young, don"t hesitate to ask! I also love cybering, sexting, pic swapping, and even just chatting! I don"t care if you wanna just be friends or if you wanna go wild on cam with me, I"ll be more than happy to add you ï just hit me up.

I have Skype, Windows Live/MSN, Yahoo, and AIM, but due to various reasons I"m not posting any of them publically anymore. Still, feel free to message me for them. Like I said, I"ll try almost anything with almost anyone, so don"t be shy to ask. You could miss out on a great time! ;D

Turn Ons

People around my age (18-25), so sorry but I"m not into older people (at least not older guy). I absolutely love sexy curvy (chubby/big & beatiful) girls. I think they look sexier and more beautiful than any other girls, so if you"re one of them I"d LOVE to get to know you/have some fun together. Don"t think that I"m some dumbass horny fucker who"s out here for a bunch of hot sluts. I"m here for people, not whores. Other than that, I still love any other girls too. As for boys, like I said, my age (young). Not creepy guys/old men. If you"re a creepy old fat hairy perv just gtfo. I"m into boys around my age who want to have fun, not creepy old guys that just wanna get off on something they can"t get in real life. As with girls, I"m perfectly fine, if not better, with chubby boys as well. I"m into almost anything reasonable. I don"t have many strange fetishes, though a friend of mine kinda got me into watersports, however that can be taken to far sometimes. Otherwise, I"m into respecting people and just having fun and getting off together. That"ll turn me on A LOT more than abuse, bondage, etc., which doesn"t turn me on at all pretty much (If I"m in the right mood though sometimes you MIGHT persuade me to be dom/sub, but really it just ain"t my thing). And, if you"re wacky and fun I am too, so don"t be shy to hit me up :D I"ll try almost anything once.

Turn Offs

Scat; fatass ugly hairy old pervs (I"m fine with chubbyness and even some hairyness, as long as you aren"t some old pedo with a forest growing on mount everest for a torso); bondage/violence; disrespectful jackasses (if you don"t respect women or even other men, grow the fuck up); extremely skinny stick dudes (skinny girls are okay); more to come?


Not a huge TV/Movie fan here, but I do love the Harry Potter movies, I LOVE old classic movies no matter what they"re about, um...well idk what else.


Music, Talking to friends, having "fun" with friends ;), um...


Almost anything.


Don"t read much. Not iliterate or anything, I"m just not a huge book fan.

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