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Fat, Fem 100% total bottom faggot bitch slut

Well my title says it all.

I"m extremely submissive, feminine, and a chubby bottom. I"m pretty happy the way I am.

If you"re looking for a masculine/butch slim or fit body type,that"s not me.

I just have to say that so that you guys will know what you are getting yourselves into!

I live in Kansas City, but I go to St Louis and Chicago alot.

I LOVE to dress as a girl and do it a few times a week. Im fortunate enough to pull it off well enough to where I can co out in daylight and have even the straightest guys hit on me.

If you don"t like fat wont like me

If you dont like fems, you wont like me

if you dont like a combo of a fat and a should turn running in the opposite direction lol.


You will get a really good idea of the style and range of guys I like the most.

If you look at my favorite vids, it"s the tops that I find hot!

(Im strictly a bottom!)

Turn Ons


I"m not the type of person that is only attracted to 1 thing.

I DO have certain things I like more than others.

-Hairy guys are a big plus. You can be moderately hairy or extremely...I love hairy guys period.

What I DONT like is when a guy shaves, trims, waxes and removes his body hair.

I like skinny, Slim, Medium, athletic, muscular, and medium built guys the most.

BUT, there are times I definitely find a husky guy attractive. It depends on how he carries his weight and how he carries himself overall.

I love being spanked and treated like a total faggot fuck bitch

I love getting nipple play. Nipple play is a MUST for me!

I like big dicks.

I like cut and uncut dicks. Doesn"t matter to me, as long as its fresh and clean...and disease free!

Military guys, cops, firemen

Blue collar guys

nice teeth

Clean, fresh guys with great hygiene

A really great way to tell the style and range of guys I like is to look at my favorites.

I ONLY favorite a vid or pic if the guy or guys in it turn me on and make me horny.

Some of my FAVORITE Xtube users are








The guys from 21 regina and 22regina vids

the guys from Stevemyer vids




By looking at those profiles, you can tell I like a variety of guys. I don"t have a "type".

I have a "range". I have a weakness for hairy guys and white guys who have a thug/ghetto style.

I do have certain weaknesses. We all do!

I like skinny guys, slim guys, medium guys, muscular guys, "thick and beefy" built guys, hairy guys, NATURALLY smooth guys (that means you don"t shave your hair to be smooth).

Age doesn"t mean much as long as I am attracted to you. I do have a weakness for dominant, masculine total top guys 18-35

Turn Offs

bad body smells

bad breath

bad teeth

guys that shave, trim, wax, and take away their body hair


tops that suck dick

Im really not into versatile guys that much at all.

vids and pics that don"t show faces. THE MAJORITY OF MY PICS AND VIDS THAT SHOW MY WHOLE FACE AND BODY ARE WITH ME DRESSED AS A GIRL! If you wanna see them, I will send them to you!

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2 years ago

Nice vids, though I would really love to see more featuring your ass and hole. Please take no offense, just a sincere request from one of your many admirers...

3 years ago

I'm glad you enjoyed my page :D

3 years ago

Thank you for being a friend and for taking my vid to your favs! ;) ;) ;)


Algy ***

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