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Generally Gay Guy

I identify as a 100% gay male, nothing more.

While I might be generally gay, I am not exactly typical. I know it"s typical, to say you are not typical, but then again, you are either typical or atypical, so you don"t have much choice.

However, to be able to say you are typical as a gay male is ridiculous. There are so many different kinds of us out there, who is to say what the status-"quo" is? It"s certainly not the heterosexual community. (Which means Jack from Will & Grace does not count as the standard.)

Sometimes I wear eyeliner and/or mascara. That does not make me transsexual, "girly," a cross-dresser, or a female-impersonator.

Turn Ons

Tops, nice hair, good face, make outs, big men, tall men, deep male voices, older men, those with more on their minds than sex. (I know, it"s ironic that I say that on an Xtube account.)

Turn Offs

Broodiness, overzealous assholes, yelling, excessive swearing, down-talking in the bedroom, scat play (I actually think it"s funny), most pain, guys who are girly, guys who hate on guys who are girly, little boy builds, babytalk

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