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Chronic bator into pussy (male/female) and creampies

Xtube and porn fiend really into verbal. I think fucking is ultimately a violent act. The man thrusts his cock into his partner(s) hole(s) and uses the hole for his pleasure. So, I like my sex to be very aggressive and dominant.

Turn Ons

I have a big thing for hairy men. I"m really smooth myself so I guess it"s the contrast thing.

Love hairy chests. To me they are a wonderful demonstration of manhood and virility. I get totally turned on when I see chest hair poking out of the collar of some guys shirt. A chest can"t be too hairy and should never been shaved!

Love hairy armpits. Been obsessed with guys" pits since junior high when I noticed some of my early blooming classmates sporting them. As a kid it was the first thing we"d show off to demonstrate our manliness.

Love hairy legs. When I see guys in shorts with hairy legs, I go nuts.

Love hairy butts. Nothing hotter than seeing some studs hairy ass pumping between the legs of some cunt.

Into condom free sex and creampies. I"m not some crazy bug chaser or anything, but sex without a rubber on is where it"s at. I"ve bred and been bred. Nothing is more intense for me than feeling a guy"s cock throb in my ass when he"s booting in me. And when I fuck someone, I bury it balls deep and let them feel me kick in em. Knocked up two chicks that I know of (yay!). Biggest thrill ever.

Internal pop shots. When a guy is fucking or getting sucked, the nutt should be dumped in hole he"s fucking. Period. If you don"t want to be nutted in, don"t fuck or suck dick. I think of dumping a load as an act of dominance and the right of a man.

Turn Offs

Sounding â what"s that about?

Fisting â holes should be tight. Why try to loosen them like that?


Cumdrippers series by Vince Vouyer â love seeing all those straight studs shoot their repro batter in those bitches.

Anything by Treasure Island Media â holy graphic sex Batman.

Your clips here on xtube â some of you have amazing sex lives!


Jerking off and fucking.


I read all day at work. That"s enough.

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1 year ago

Thanks for adding me!

2 years ago

Dude your profile is incredibly hot. Thanks for the comments!

2 years ago

cumming inside is where it's at!!!

4 years ago

Thank you for adding me, Sir. Your views on aggressive sex and domination, your turn ons and everything are exactly what I like and look for. Hope we get to talk more about this very soon. hequide

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