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I"m a truck driver, so I get around alot and have alot of time on my hands. I don"t have a huge cock, I wish I did, but I"m pretty good with what I have. What I may lack it "stature", I make up for in other areas. I particularly LOVE to eat, lick, tongue, suck, bite, nibble, or bury my face in pussy. I like to watch good porn, especially in the creampie genre. I also like BBW"s, pregnant and lactating, and female ejaculation. Anything else, feel free to ask.

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women in general, an open mind, good amature porn, creampies, lactation, good hygene

Turn Offs

bitchyness, know-it-alls, poor hygene, piss/scat,


science fiction, action/adventure, horror, accurate historical documentaries, anime


archery, marksmanship, gardening, cooking, being lazy


Country, R&B, Classical, Opera, Classic Rock


Horror, Science Fiction, History, Military Fiction,

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Come web cam with me on skype: sexy_blonde_chick

seadawg42 - Male , 49
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North Carolina, United States
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