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Into fitness and health, the gym, hot athletic guys, cycling, the beach and the ocean, gourmet vegetarian cooking, and partying in moderation.

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The best turn on for me is when guys are not shy when they need to pee. I love the occasional propped open men's room door where the guys at the urinal are visible from the outside, and they are totally unconcerned about who can see them pee. I've done this at the county fair with dozens of people in the lobby looking right at me while I'm standing profile to them at the urinal pissing away. Sometimes a bro will take a piss at home with the door open, regardless of whomever might be there. It makes me rock hard when I hear his pee stream blast the water in the toilet bowl. Love the unisex bathrooms that I've found in Europe. You can be pissing in a urinal in a small cafe and a lady will use the sink 2 feet away.

Otherwise, Mesh gym shorts €” preferably with boxers or freeballing. Love to see the outline of the guy"s goods through his shorts or pants. I like to see guys wearing just their underwear when they"re hanging out at home. Speedos are great on athletic guys. Legal medical marijuana.

Turn Offs

Below the knee boardshorts. C'mon guys; show those sexy legs!


cycling, gardening, getting high


top 40 or hip hop

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8 years ago

Pit Stop
7 months ago
A 2 Minute Piss
3 years ago
Trough Urinal at the Beach
3 years ago
Good 'Til The Last Drop
7 years ago
Urinal at Chula Vista Marina Park
7 years ago
Morning Pee In Jockey Nylon Boxers
7 years ago
Saturday Morning Piss
8 years ago
Beat The Clock
8 years ago
Taking A Wizz
8 years ago

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Morning Pee
7 years ago
Toilet Time
8 years ago
Teen boy piss
7 years ago
8 years ago

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2 years ago

Thanks for another "long piss" video!

4 years ago

nice videos sexy! when can we meet and record a video baby =)

4 years ago

hey, thanks for the nice comment! Laughing

6 years ago

Thanks for your comments! I also like to watch and listen to you piss- let's see you cum as well...

7 years ago

if ever in the mood i d suck your cock  very nice

7 years ago

nice vids.

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