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rubberman needs immobilisation.

Turn Ons

rubber....VERY tight. Duct tape.....head to toe.

Leather...again very tight.

Bondage,both leather and latex and tape.

Love muscular masculine men in the same as I.

I really would love to meet up with someone who owns (and wears) full medieval armour and would enjoy putting me into same and chaining me up.

Shaved heads,full beards or goatees.Large muscular thighs,big balls, large nipples, dark appearance.

Turn Offs

scat is a definite no, along with puke,snot,gob and piss.

I like guys to be guys, Im not into cd"s, TV"s and guys who want to wear makeup.

I dont like guys who dont keep themselves clean, no body odour.


Movies......I have a large collection of over 5000 films from the silents to the present day.

I enjoy all the cliche movie stars such as Mae West, Bette Davis,Lana Turner, etc etc.

I like movies on medieval armour, documentaries about the Titanic, disasters and such.


I enjoy meeting new and interesting people from all walks of life.I am curious about others lifestyle. I love reading books about movies and music, the people behind the scenes of movies, their lives etc.

I like cycling, swimming and going out to dine.


Music.....I have a varied taste.I dont enjoy rap,punk,indie and some metal.

I like Jazz,swing,bigband,ballads,pop, HiNrg and movie music.


Most of my books are about the movies and medieval knights.I dont read novels.I like biographies.

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duct tape doll
3 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: Rubbertail
9 months ago

Hi there! Great to be friends on here and to see your choice of favourites, gives me lots more ideas...


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9 months ago

Hi there! Great to be friends on here and to see your choice of favourites, gives me lots more ideas...

3 years ago

You have very good ideas!! I ike it!

3 years ago

Thank you for your comment to my video. Good idea.

8 years ago

Agree with your preference for vocals than music.   Anther guy in layers of rubber, rubbing his cock while moaning and sighing just gets me really randy and I am dribbling precum into my attached rubber sheath in minutes.

Would love to see some pics. of you in your rubber.   Or just write me and let's exchange.

Happy rubber play,


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