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Just turned 50! I live with my bf of 20+ years and we enjoy group sex, play with couples or singles. I love sex, touching, kissing, am very outspoken and socially liberal. I was born & raised in a small Minnesota town and I have known I was gay since second grade. I don't smoke & drink only occasionally. I love the outdoors, enjoy helping people, and I have had many challenges in my life since being diagnosed with a chronic neurological disease which recently entered my liver, requiring several surgeries during 2013. I've always enjoyed piss play but I've lost bladder function so I use catheters now. Ironic, huh? But now I can safely and easily piss through the hardest of boners! I have a video of me using a catheter correctly. It is a bit clinical but if you are interested let me know & I can teach you how to do it without risk of infection.

Despite my bladder & needing canes to walk, my cock gets hard as a steel rod & shoots cream over my shoulder if I edge. I can fill your mouth with sperm if you swallow. I love my cock & ass more than ever because it is my main playtoy. I must ejaculate at least every 3 days or it happens as a wet dream and I miss all the fun, so I jack off almost daily if I feel well.
My partner and I are open to N.S.A. three-way and larger group encounters and are available mostly on weekends. Kink is good, and we'll try anything once!

Email me at my regular address: if interested - only if you are serious though please.

Turn Ons

Slow, passionate lovemaking with lots of touch, kissing, massage, and a total commitment to pleasuring each other. Guys who shoot lots of cum and shoot it far. Cock size is unimportant. Dark skin is beautiful, especially with a few ropes of bright white cum puddled on it.
Activities: Oral (cocksucking is an art & I'm a cock artist), fucking a tight ass (only my partner fucks my boy-pussy), kissing, BDSM, role-playing. We both like piss play, I live for the pleasure of getting my asshole licked deeply & love giving that pleasure to men with clean assholes. Webcam sex is great. Married or bi/curious? I will teach you about gay sex - how to deep-throat a cock & swallow cum, how to practice for anal sex to be a good bottom & stay hard and/or cum with a cock inside you. Are you disabled, in a wheelchair or using walking aids, or feeling embarrassed about surgical scars or weight issues? I would love to teach what I have learned about being sexual/sensual in alternative ways. Your brain is your biggest sex organ.

I enjoy messy piss & cum scenes, like public men's rooms. It makes me feel nasty & horny.

Turn Offs

Smoking, drunk so he wreaks & can't get a good hard-on, major drug use. Guys with lots of tattoos, bottoms who don't know how to clean & shave their own asshole (it should be clean enough to suck, lick, and tongue-fuck!), guys with bad breath or teeth, and especially any motherfucker who makes a commitment but doesn't show!


I like reading, traveling, writing, watching sci-fi and independent films, volunteering as a counselor for people in emotional crisis.


True Crime and good biographies. Nonfiction in general.

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Top Comment #1 by: chipsalot
4 months ago

Hooray for you talking about disability issues in such a positive way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Top Comment #2 by: dakotamike
7 months ago

Thx for your comment...wish we were close enough to shoot off some big loads together

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