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I was born in April of the year 1988, so I"m 23 and an aries. I get told I look more like I"m 17, or 18 when I go out and get carded. Fine with me I"ll take being, 18 why not.

I"m very active with sports and working out. I love being outside during the summer either swimming, jogging, biking, rollerblading, boating, taking a walk through a forest, throwing a ball around, or simply lounging.

I"m a college student, about to transfer up state to an Academy. I work full time at an Italian club center as a maintenance crew member.

I"m a bit of a history dork, and have a passion with antiques, either weapons, cars, furniture, clocks, watches etc. I like fixing things.

Besides English, I speak French, and Italian as well.

As a musician I love to sing, play the drums, and attempt to play something on the guitar, I just don"t have the hand coordination. However I am getting better at playing the piano.

Any questions feel free to ask ;)

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Eyes, hands, legs, feet, tits, bondage, hosiery

Turn Offs

too many tattoos, or facial piercings, facial, or body hair, big moles,

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5 years ago

I'm Rob I'm currently 22

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