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I am a married gay man living in Northeast Georgia. My husband is a 29 yr old bear and I am a bit bearish myself. Looking to meet other guys both in my area and internationally. I am what is called a Devotee. I would like to meet a guy with an Above Knee or Hip Disarticulation amputation.

Turn Ons

Amputees, Younger Guys, smooth to somewhat hairy gays, swimmers builds BUT if you have a few pounds that will not be a distraction.

Turn Offs

Overly hairy guys (If you look like Sasquatch I probably won"t be interested) Some hair is fine (I am hairy myself) but an overabundance of hair can be a problem. Definitely not into woman AT ALL, so if you are a woman just walk on by.


LOVE almost any type of Science Fiction movies, am also into Psychological Thrillers (like Blair Witch, Insidious, i.e. the types of movies that scare you not through blood and guts but through honest scares), Like some Action Movies


Reading, play World of Warcraft, play other MMORPG"s (Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games)


Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno


Mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy although I do get into Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Fairly eclectic in what I"ll read.

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