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All work and no play

Hello! I"m Rob from Birmingham, UK. I used to be a member on here a few years back but couldn"t keep away and have decided to come back on and post some pictures and videos. I spend far too much of time working and am looking to have some fun. Any offers?

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Big, beautiful, curvy women of all ages and sizes, generally date women older than myself. Love sexy feet (yes I have a foot fetish), an open mind and naughtiness. A sense of humour is also needed.

Turn Offs

Text-message speak, closed mindedness.


Far too many to list here, love Casablanca, Annie Hall, early Tarantino, Big Lebowski...lots and lots.


When I get some free time I like sleeping, working out, swimming, watching films (obviously), listening to music, seeing live bands, stand-up comedy and seeing friends.


Mainly alt rock but will listen to pretty much anything except dance and modern RnB. Favourite band would probably be Pavement.


Again, far too difficult, if I had to choose I would select Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger and anything by Orwell.

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Sexy BBW fucking her dildo
5 years ago
Sexy BBW fingering her clit for me
5 years ago

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bbw masturbating
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3 years ago

Ladies, please do yourself a favour and meet this man.. Worth every minute ;)

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