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SWM seeking lover over 50

I am single, relaxed, agenda-free man, and I am quite attracted to women more mature than myself. I have no upper limit to age, as long as you"re comfortable with your sexuality. I am not promiscuous, though I am open, and looking (thus this bold profile)....I do seek someone I can laugh with, talk with, and have incredible exciting sex with.

Turn Ons

Mature women, I adore a natural woman, a woman that feels sexy and loves herself rather than a woman trying to fit into an image of society"s ideal...I LOVE hair, so if you enjoy yourself being unshaven, you are my kind of woman. I enjoy someone that can express themselves and their emotions, along with expressing themselves sexually...If I have to put certain things down as my turn-ons, I want whoever reads this to know that it"s just what I tend to like, hardly a grocery if you fit into one or more, great, if you fit more than that, awesome...but I prefer a connection of the minds first, and physical follows...

Soft saggy droopy...I love these things...natural...hope you don"t find them derogatory terms, as I find them quite erotic

Large hips and butts...

If you happen to have giant tits, great, but I have loved women with nothing more than don"t let this stop us...

Love...yup...I said it...I think once a person has shared an orgasm with someone they are comitted to and love, it takes those sensations to a whole other"s is just excercizing with a happy ending otherwise...

Turn Offs

Women afraid to let themselves go and enjoy a moment in time...basically, women shackled by social and moral convention...

Women that need constant positive strokes... I am all for complimenting someone, but when it becomes a self-serving emotional hole that needs to be constantly filled, well, you"re lost in this world, and I have no time for you...


I love them all, good movies are good....sadly, film has become too much a business and not so much art...

writing has become even worse...


I have many, but I usually focus on one at a time...quality not quantity...i probably share yours, ask...

Music it all...if it"s good, it"s movies, it"s hard to find good"s mostly visual and not about the sound, which is beyond me...true believer of "video killed the radio star"


I read a lot...mostly fiction, sci-fi/fantasy not against non-fiction science books...

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