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Do You Understand The Bisexual?

Hey what"s up xtube family? Let's get one thing straight, I do not friend most MEN if they do NOT have as least 1 video of themselves. (Unless they have an enormous cock) I do not bed masculine men. If you feel that because you have a beautiful, big, long, fat cock that I will jump at the chance to bed you down, think again. If you feel that MY ASSHOLE is the only asshole that's going to be pounded, think again. As the title says, 'Do You Understand The Bisexual?'
We can be friends here on Xtube and maybe hangout, but that's as far as it will go. I love the feminine flavor in both men and women. Yet, I will bed down a pretty stud-butch.
I am well over 30 yers old. So I know what I want.
Its all about the nut, the orgasm, hard cumming, or how ever you may call that end result of a good, hot, fuck and suck session. I have made both women and men cum. Both women and men have made me cum. In my mouth and in theirs. In both I play safe. No condom, no internal intercourse.
Am I bi-sexual? Yes and no. I prefer that everything I have done with men could be done with a woman. By this I mean, that if a woman could shoot her cum on my face, great.
I am into watersports, golden showers and cocktails. I enjoy urethal sounds slowly fucking in and out of my pisshole. I also love riding large and long dildos.
As far as men? I prefer men that are fem. No masculine men except me in my bed.
Women? I prefer women that are not afraid to let loose. (If you have to be asked to suck a cock to completion, finger yourself or use a dildo on yourself, get the fuck out of my bed.)
I like both guys and gals that take a least 6 hours out of the week to sculpt their body. Just for themselves, not for others. But, knowing that your body gets glances from both sides of the coin doesn"t hurt. Now does it? lol
I don"t like divas. They are only about themselves. I don"t like stuck up fems. Again, they are only about themselves.
I enjoy fucking to the point that I"m a freak in bed. Not a pervert. And believe me, there is a difference.
Freaks want to please their partners as well as themselves in the bedroom. Perverts are only about themselves. Even to the point of giving unwanted pain, or worse.

Turn Ons

1st and foremost--> I play safe. Condoms are a must unless you can prove that you have been tested for ALL STDs. I have no problem getting tested to have unprotected sex. Why? It is more enjoyable.
Women that do not hold back their sexual appetites.
Men that are fem, girlie-boys, not necessarily make-up wearing bois. More towards an attitude of being sexually active as a woman would.
Men that are not afraid to flip in the bed. This means I fuck you and you fuck me.
Pissing- that includes being pissed on and pissing on someone. (Women and men) swallowing piss from women and men. And not that strong ammonia piss either. The piss that is mostly clear because you have drank a lot of liquids. Beer, water, soda, etc. Liquor does not do this. It only causes you to pass out.
A long fat dildo or cock sliding ever so gingerly in and out of my ass and throat until...well, you know.
Someone trying to push all their finger into my ass. No, I have never been fisted. Thinking about it though. lol
Laying with my face so close to a pussy or cock as they masterbate they can feel my breathe on their thighs. Then licking my reward.
Mutual masterbation. "Ugh, watch me Daddy. I want to play for you. You like the way I stroke my pussy/dick?" HOT! HOT!
A woman that has a wet pussy that oozes her cum.
I also love a woman that isn"t afraid to touch herself. Self pleasure has been with humans since they"re first nut in the shower.
So ladies, let me see you get yourself off.
Look into my eyes as you do it. Watch as I jerk off watching you finger yourself or jerk yourself off.
A Fem boi that likes to dip his cock into an ass every now and again.
A woman that is willing to put on a strap on and tap this ass from time to time. this where you can find 'The Next Step Up' dildos. this is where you can buy the 'Shower Shot' to clean out that asshole.

Turn Offs

Extreme body odor. Masculine men. (Unless they have enormous cocks) Cell phone vids. People that are on here to just watch vids. People that do not have at least one video of themselves 3min+, yet they want to friend you. Woman that are so prissy that they hold back their sexual desires just to have someone bombard her with endless questioning and/or guessing.
Men with body hair.
Hairy pussies. (Shave ladies, its such a turn-on to see a bald pussy)
Men who say they are versatile but only bottom or top. Just because you suck dick and like to be fucked or do the fucking does not make you a vers-man. Versatile men:
Suck dick
Fuck asses
Get their dick sucked
Women that state they can not stand CHEAP men. I have no intentions of spending money on a woman (or a man I am in a relationship with) that will not spend money on me. 50/50. If you feel that men were put on this earth to just entertain YOU without reciprocation, then keep it moving.
So what if someone SAYS:
You like to swallow
Take it in the ass
Be pissed on
Have a fist shoved up your ass/pussy
Its up to YOU to deny it. Is it lying, yes, but if YOU do not want it out there...deny it all.
If one of your requirements is "Must have a car." Then, please, you have one as well.


Whatever is at hand at the moment.


DJing, drawing, photography (with a digital camera or my cell phone, spent too much on the other two hobbies to spend money on an expensive camera) lol


I"m a DJ. I spin to what other people want to listen to. And I do it well.


In my youth books were a forced comodity from my parents. Later I learned that it was the best thing for a low income black youth.

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1 year ago

Hey guys and gals I'm looking for NYC, Bklyn, Qns, Bx, Manhattan: w4m, m4m, mw4m.  I love sissy bois that also fucks.  Gals that ooze when they cum.  Squirt that yellow river as well.  Leave me a message.  I promise to get back to you.  NO MASCULINE MEN!

1 year ago

thanx for the friend add

1 year ago

just wanted to thank all of you big dicked guys for friending me.

1 year ago

Thanks for the add ;)

2 years ago

 THANX  Mr sexy  "ptastin" for the add ... YUM !!! ...

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4 years ago

thanx 4 your tip of

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