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I am a switch that leans more sub.

Happily taken by an amazing young man I met off of Fetlife and at a play party. He is a bi-sexual switch and he really completes me. We"ve been dating for almost half a year now. We are in an open relationship and open to play with others together or alone. Anyone I play with solo though will have to meet him as well.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,but whips and chains excite me so throw me down and smack my ass and show me that you like me"

Hi my real name is Heather and my fetish model name is Rose Holland I"m a born and raised VA country girl.I am a smart,beautiful,kind,caring,fun,kinky,and giving person. I may seem shy at first, but once you get to know me I can really talk! I attended an arts school during high school. I was in the voice department. I attended a conservatory for vocal performance. I"m a 1st soprano and I might be transforming into a Lyric Coloratura (I"m keeping my fingers crossed)! Right now I am a Light Lyric Soprano. I mainly sing opera and legit Broadway.I really like baking! My favorite thing to bake is cakes. Don"t let my sweet innocent face fool you. I have an extremely kinky dirty mind. I am a switch that leans more on the sub side. I"ve been in the lifestyle for about four years now. I joined the Tickling Media Fourm in Jan. 09. Tickling is what I consider to be my main fetish. God to me tickling is sex, so yes I can and have orgasmed many times from being tickled. Although don"t get me wrong I do love me some good intercourse. Being tickled till I"m super horny and begging to be fucked is my favorite game to play. Oh I don"t really laugh when I"m tickled, but trust me I am hyper sensitive. I have had many a play partner comment on my sensitivity. I barely have to be touched on some spots. When I am tickled I mainly gasp, shake, whimper, moan, and you might get a light giggle. The more sensitive the spot the louder I make a high pitch gasp. I believe I don"t laugh because I just enjoy tickling so much that my body just doesn"t want too. I"ve been told I sound like a porn star when tickled @.@ I joined FetLife sometime in "10. A friend off of the Tickling Media Fourm suggested it. I also started playing in the summer of "10. I will have to say that I"ve been around and have had my ups and my downs.I have had a lot of experiences play wise and realize the more I play the more I figure out what I want. I"m also interested in fetish modeling and I am just now really getting started.

Turn Ons

Dominance/Submission,Sadism,Like to Receive Some Pain,Bondage,Spanking,Bastinado,Tickling,Foot Fetish(Both giving and receiving),Role-Playing,Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial,Torture From Too Many Orgasms,Hitachi Torture,Tens Units,Sensory Deprivation,Naked Female Clothed Male,Oral Sex,and Vaginal sex. I am sure I will think of more, but those are my big fetishes.

Turn Offs

Scat,Watersports,Age Play,Bestiality,Cutting,Needle Play,Fire Play,and Daddy/Daughter Play.

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3 years ago

Saran Wrap Tickling With Hitachi at the End.
2 years ago
Tickling with a Tens Unit on me. M/f erotic tickling.
3 years ago

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1 month ago

nice vids, makes that small part of me that is bisexual all tingly.

1 year ago

Ticklish much? I'd love to see you squirm!

2 years ago

u are gorgeous, lets play 

skype: msdb_86

2 years ago

do you have only orgasmic foot tickling video?

2 years ago

lets make vids together :)

2 years ago

Looking hot and sexy babe

2 years ago

You are a really sexy lady !!

2 years ago

Wow you are a hottie. I would love to tickle you sometime :)

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