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here thar be cats...very kinky, naughty cats.

I'm a furry and into a lot of different things so feel free to ask! worst I can say is it's not my thing :P Regardless, Feel free to say hi!

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aww that"s cheating. You can always ask though! I don't bite...well, not in the bad way at least. (seriously, biting is fun, try it some time! just don't try to actually hurt each other!)

Turn Offs

no poopooooo, poopoo be the bads!!! You do that before the sexy times, not during! Also not a fan off really gory, bloody, kind of sex. Getting rough and tumble is fun, but intentionally causing serious wounds is not :<


yes? what about them?


Games, building, all of the science forever.


Classic rock, some modern rock, dance, europop, jazz, classical.

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3 years ago

Ruka the plush tiger and her first time
3 years ago

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Pounding Lionbutt
1 year ago
3 weeks ago
Welcome home...
4 weeks ago
Hazel the Werewol..
6 months ago
Plush Dragon Sex
3 months ago
Test shoot
3 months ago
Wearable werewolf..
3 months ago
Getting fingered ..
4 months ago
that pussy
5 months ago
Happy Faps
9 months ago
me helping hand w..
8 months ago
Alone - Pink Pant..
9 months ago
Wife Squirting
9 months ago
Large Clit Pumped
3 years ago
Asian takes it
10 months ago

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3 years ago


4 years ago

Thankies for the comment and the fav!  I'll try making more when I have time. *hugs*

4 years ago

Hey there, thanks for the nice comment! Kiara looks hot in a swimsuit, i am glad you like.

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