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I'm a busy guy whom is adventurous , fun loving , mature , personable, a professional when it comes to doing my job , determined , focused,and intelegant . I'm an artistic, creative person . Here I wouId like to ,make some new friends to have some fun with in my spare time or possibly find a little romance . I enjoy cooking and dinning in the company of close friends ,I like to play games at home more often than going out clubing. I save clubing for when I am away from home on vacation. I live a very active life I am in good shape not big and buff more slim fit and strong. I am happy with my life and where I am . I have persued a dream out of college that has become my life and now has become my lifestyle.I enjoy having time alone , I Iike my own space . I am a people person I can get along with almost everyone. I don't need a personal ad to meet people, but I figured this might be a good way to reach some that I wouldn't get to otherwise. If you're interested, I'd love to hear from you. But please, have a picture so I can see what you look like. Thanks...

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