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just a simple kind of man

I am just what my intro title says, a simple kind of man. I love sex and am very kinky but I try to limit my promiscuity to the internet these days. I am in a great relationship and don"t want to mess it up especially when the opportunity is placed right in front of me. I am 27 but almost everyone who meets me thinks I am under 21. I love to pary, drink and all an out have a good time. I encourage spontaneity, and am down for whatever as long as it meets my 3 criteria: Safe, Fun, and going to be one hell of a story to tell the grand kids one day. I am down for a little extra curricular play but sex is out of the question. If you are into watersports and are a girl I am your man.

Turn Ons

watersports, sex, girl on girl, straight sex, preaty much whatever as long as it is a guy and a girl or a girl on girl.I can appreciate the gays and thier amazing bodies I just am not turned on by two penises.If you are a guy and you like my videos please speak up I will be flattered and thastnkfull because if you think I look good than I am really sexy. I am definitely open to new things as every girl I have ever dated has said they are kinky or quirky but turned out to be mild. I Love pussy, fat ones skinny ones stretched ones, So far I have not seen a women I would be scared to have relations with.

Turn Offs

Mostly I am turned off by negativity. Black white asian, bbw, skinny, big lips, small lips, gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, we all have our differences and thats what keeps life interesting. Remember its not about what gets you off but that you did. So don"t be negative and and we won"t have any issues


I watch every movie ever made that is not in the horror genre. I am into the sick and twisted but I don"t believe in the senseless torture and killing of another. Movies like saw, and the human centipede are a huge turnoff, Can"t watch them. It is probably because I am studying to be a nurse and we are pounded with the idea to help not hurt, and to respect the wishes od the patient. Not something you would find in your average horror film. Many of the classic horror films are goodm Dracula, it, the thing, mostly 50"s and 60"s are great. I am always down for a good cop drama or action flick and am not too much of a machismo to watch a good drama or romance. Everyone needs a good cry in a while compassion for another is what makes us human


I am an outdoors boy. I play with motorcycles, cars, and boats. I love volleyball, baseball softball football, roller hockey, if it has a ball or puck i play it. Volleyball is my favorite, I am not that tall so im a defensive specialist. I hope in college to be able to make it to at least the club level.


I love em all, from techno to country, rock to hip hom, the blues, Jazz, as long as it has a beat to move to Il dance to it. The only music I prefer not to listen to unless at a fireworks display or studying is classical music, or orchestra. I am totally down to listen to the entire half time show by the marching band but do not ask me to an opera or ballet or orchestra performance. I will go once as I have never been to ay of those, but I am not down to just listen to it for entertainment in my car or I pod


I read a lot but these days it is mostly business as Nursing school reading occupies most of my free time except in summer. When I get the oppertunity, I read mostly non fiction about travel, sailing, or flying. I Have been up and down the east coast nearly all of my life but have never traveled anywhere exciting or new. I read travel, sailin, and flying because I want to do it someday and there is no beter way to learn than through books and one day with luck (and a lot of money) firsthand experience.

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