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Sleepless in Wichita

I'm 53 but look and act like 45.  Most woman way I'm attractive; guys say I'm cute.  I like to be around happy, positive, realistic people who are opening minded.   Nothing worse than someone who is bitter nad hateful.  I'm an honest guy who believes honesty is the best policy 99% of the time.  I like dealing with people and have a good sense of humor.  I've been in one long-term relationship for seven years.  It was supposed to be my lifetime relationship, but sometimes the best plans just don't work out.  I think sex is a wonderful thing to experience but I'd rather experience it with someone who can appreciate it, other thany myself! ;-)  I hurt my should and knee and got out of shape but I'm trying to get back into shape.  I'm going to Scotland in July and I hope I fall in love.  I believe in love and I wish everyone did.  We've become a people who just use each other and greed is everything.  I'm 5'11", 40 waist (for now) but I'm slim with a 34 waist.  I have kind of a big guy build.  Most of my close friends always call me "big guy."  But, I like people and try to see the good in all people.  I'd love to have a loving, kind, gentle, passionate relationship with someone but it's harder to find such a thing as you get older.  I notice, too, that the younger guys look at older guys like trolls.  Not fair.  They will grow old some day, too.  I love to dance and love long-play dance music.  I used to go out all the time and I could dance for a couple of hours straight before ever stopping.  But, like old black and white movies.  I like paranormal stuff.  I'm out but I'm no flamer.  I have a position of responsibility at a hospital and am out to my staff and my own family but I don't wear it on my shirt sleeves.  I like all kinds of music and romatic movies, along with scifi and horror movies.  I'm a hopeless romantic and a recovering co-dependent.  Anyway, I'm partial to dark hair and blue eyes, but really as long as one is in fairly decent shape and has a really good heart, soul, mind and sense of humor they are candidates for my friendship.  I love a good kisser and could use some practice there.  Don't what else to say.  I'm also partial to military guys and I love uniforms.  But, when it comes down to it, you still can't beat a pair of 501s and a wife beater shirt. Salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, clean shaven.  Alone too much and sometimes too lonely but I try.  Email me if you have more questions.  philiplmsw at cox dot net. 

Turn Ons

precum, thick loads, french kissing, whole body licking, running hands through hair.  Especially like military guys.  Like guys who aren't afraid to be themselves and are happy with themselves.  Black hair/blue eyes are REALLY a turn on, but not necessary, of course.  Short guys are a real turn on, too, for reasons unknown, but wouldn't turn people down because they're tall, either.

Turn Offs

Stinky breath, excessive weight, liars, needy folks, bossy know-it-all types.


Historical, science fiction, films about 17-19 century England, supernatural.


Collect elephant what-nots, people watching, Mae West movies, politics, long walks, auctions, etc.


Most any kind of music, within reason.  Do like to dance, though.


Spirituality, science fiction, mysteries, history.

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