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Average guy with above average libido.

Ok i have the crazy fricken idea to turn this profile into a personal ad. I know how stupid and crazy this concept is but why not give it a try?

While I can"t show off my upperbody until i decide it is worthy of sexness and though i am bisexual, romantically i love women, so i guess i have to tone down the smut a bit haha

So here is a paste from my personal from a dating site.

— I am a bit of a computer nerd, currently studying web design. Need a site built at a decent rate? Hit me up :)

I love outdoor photography. Taking a hike or a local travel and then capturing it on camera makes for a fine day.

I love to cook, i am really good at it. Give me anything and i can make it edible!!!

I have spent many hours mastering the ancient strategy board game called *weiqi* It remains one of my main hobbies. Feel free to ask me about it! I can give lessons!

Are you a musician? I used to play alittle piano and guitar i could use an excuse to pick it up again, lets start a band!!! Well maby not.....But i really would like to bring music creation back into my life!!!

My biggest life goals are to obtain a high-level technical degree, travel the world, improve my land(build something really cool on it) and possibly start a family.

I have backpacked thru Italy on my own and have even thought about living there!!!

Sometimes my humor is silly(think Garrison Keillor) and sometimes it can be sharp and dark sarcasm.

I am naturally optimistic but time has made somewhat of a cynic out of me. So i would call myself a cynical-optimist and you can call me crazy :)

I love and hate npr!!! I tend to swing left but sometimes the looney left can be a bit much. There should be an option for left-leaning centrist here!!!

I have a free and youthful spirit.

I would not say that i am an extrovert but i certainly am friendly.

Strong morals and ethics, common courtesy, respect and loyalty are qualities i value.

Looking forward to talking to you :)

Turn Ons

Big Men/Women, taboos, asses, explosive cumshots, pregnant women,hairy and natural,lactating breast,small cocks..Almost anything that doesn"t involved pain or injury

Turn Offs



matrix(just the first one, the sequels sucked)lord of the rings, sci-fi stuff, twilight zone, startrek etc


Browsing the internet, walking, pc games, weiqi, eating, cycling, traveling, web design, working out, recently, learning spanish.


60/70s rock. 80s stuff, electronica/techno.


lotr :)

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new stuff spring/summer 2011
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3 years ago

Thx for the compliments!

4 years ago

yum. Very sexy vids!

4 years ago

Thanks for the lovely comment.  Come visit soon!

4 years ago

Hmm I wonder what your mind thinks of me?? Thanks for the friend request!

4 years ago

Love the vids

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