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Gotta put some sex back into my life.

Hi I"m Pete. I"m a healthy, fit, chilled and happy guy. I"m here for the same reason most of us are here, I"m looking for sex with like minded liberated people. Obvious really. LOL.

I"d like to meet a partner of any age, shape or size. Young enough to be my daughter, old enough to be my Gran. LOL. What"s more important than age/shape/size, is the fact that you too are here looking to find someone. Just as I am. So perhaps we already have something in common.

I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from making my partner feel good, so I"m simply seeking a partner who enjoys feeling good, and who appreciates how wonderfully sensual sex can be.

I"ve also got a bi-curious side to me that I"ve never explored before. Might be about time I did something about that too.

Also I would love to meet a couple (M/F), to introduce me to bi-threesomes. It"s something that I have fantasized about for a long time and would love to experience that at least once.

I"m open to all suggestions though so if you want to chat to me, then simply send me a PM and we"ll chat. Cool.

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Turning my partner on, oral sex, lingerie, stockings, tights, enthusiasm and passion.

Turn Offs

Pain. Aggression. scat.

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